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Bangladesh Ship Supply

Bangladesh Ship Supply

Bangladesh Member Since: 15 Nov, 2020
Mazid Tower, 1st Floor # 807/859, Barik Meah High School Lane, Goshaildanga, Bandar Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Showkat Ali

Company Description

We Provides Professional Husbandry Services For Vessels. ◉ Ships Supply Services; Provisions, Technical, Spare Parts And Stores. ◉ Owners and Charterers Protective Services ◉ Delivery Of Crew Mail & Courier Packages ◉ Bunker, Fuels, Lubricants And Fresh Water Supply ◉ Crew Changes, Hotel Accommodations, Shore Pass Arrangements Etc. ◉ Crew Welfare–Doctor, Dentist, eMail, Internet, Mobile Prepaid Cards ◉ Underwater Inspection At Anchorage ◉ Follow-Up Activities With Workshops, Contractors Etc. ◉ Ship Spare Parts Clearance And Delivery ◉ Cash To Master Deliveries ◉ Inward & Outward Clearance ◉ Liaison With Local Authorities ◉ Supervision Services ◉ Communication Assistance ◉ Tug and Barge Arrangements ◉ Motor Boat Services

Company Name Bangladesh Ship Supply
Business Type Supplier
Year Incorporated 2011
Major Selling Products Technical Repair, Provision, Ship Spare Parts
Major Buying Products • Yanmar • Mitsubishi • Man B&W • Daihatsu • Dergen • Mak • Nigata • Deut • Skl • Pielstick • Sulzer • Wartsila • Cater Pillar.
Country Bangladesh
State Chittagong,
City Chittagong,
Business Address Mazid Tower, 1st Floor # 807/859, Barik Meah High School Lane, Goshaildanga, Bandar
Zipcode 4100
Contact Person Showkat Ali
Total Workforce 15

Buyer Interactions

Response Rate81%

Bangladesh Ship Supply has responded 81% of buyers within 24 hours in past 30 days.

Response Time48h-72h

Bangladesh Ship Supply average response time in past 7 days is 48h-72h.

Quotation Performance183

Bangladesh Ship Supply has sent 48 quotations to new buyers in past 30 days.

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