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Blackrose Interbiz Investment LTD

Blackrose Interbiz Investment LTD

Nigeria Member Since: 25 Jan, 2020
No 2 commissioner Lodge way, GRA, Kwara, Ilorin, Nigeria
Adewole Amole

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Ilorin, Nigeria

Main Products

Kola nut, bitter kola, moringa seeds, barbeque charcoal

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About Blackrose Interbiz Investment LTD

We are an agricultural trading company with both local and global customers


Barbeque Charcoal
Price: Inquire
24 tonnes 20- 25kg (Min. Order)
Moringa Seeds
Price: Inquire
500kg 20- 25kg (Min. Order)
Bitter Kola
Price: Inquire
200kg 5kg - 10kg sacks (Min. Order)
Kola Nut
Price: Inquire
200kg 5kg - 10kg sacks (Min. Order)

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