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Chongqing Newsin Food Machinery & Equipment Co. , Ltd

Chongqing Newsin Food Machinery & Equipment Co. , Ltd

China Member Since: 11 Nov, 2020
5, Torch Avenue, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing 400080 China Chongqing, Chongqing, China
Liang Zhang

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Chongqing, China

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Sausage Filler, Frozen Meat Grinder, Vacuum Tumbler, Smoke House

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About Chongqing Newsin Food Machinery & Equipment Co. , Ltd

Chongqing Newsin Food Machinery & Equipment Co. , Ltd established in 2007, is a private enterprise specializing in food industry equipment R&D, production and sales. Our company has experienced engineers, advanced processing equipment, scientific quality system. Using high quality stainless steel materials, CAD computer design, using advanced production technology at home and abroad, our food machinery is favored by customers at home and abroad. Our leading products: smokehouse machine, bowl cutter, vacuum tumbler machine, brine injector, frozen food treating machine, stuffing mixer, sausage stuffer, vacuum packaging machine, pasteurizing line, fruits and vegetables cleaning equipment, sterilization equipment and so on. Our company takes the market as the guidance, takes the quality and the prestige as the development idea, unceasingly uses the advanced technology, develops the high quality product which is more suitable for the customer demand, based on the market, serves the user, obtains the better effect to repay the society. We always with full enthusiasm, sincere cooperation attitude, perfect after-sales service, warmly welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation.


Frozen Meat Grinder
Frozen meat grinder is a kind of meat processing equipment with high universality and wide application range in meat production industry. The raw meat in the hopper box is pushed to the pre cutting plate by the screw, and the rotary extrusion of the screw makes the orifice plate and the cutter produce relative mass operation, so as to cut the raw meat into particle shape and ensure the uniformity of meat filling. Through the different combination of orifice plate, the ideal different meat filling can be achieved.
$1500 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
Single-Screw Sausage Filler
It is used for sausage products. The machine is mainly from the feed section,quantitative section,the main cylinder,cylinder,rotary valve cylinder rotation system kink ,a portion of the material and other components .
$2500 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
Meat Brine Injector
Brine injection machine is to inject salt water and auxiliary materials into meat through salt water injection and vacuum rolling. The material solution injected into meat can be fully salted, penetrated and loose muscle tissue structure, which is conducive to the dissolution of myosin. Moreover, due to the enhancement of ionic strength of raw meat and the adjustment of protein characteristics, the prepared water solution can make the meat tender and soft, thus improving the meat products And the tenderness and taste of meat products.
$4500 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
Vacuum Tumbler
Vacuum Tumbler Machine is in the vacuum state, using the principle of physical impact, so that meat in the drum up and down, mutual impact, wrestling, massage, pickle effect.
$2300 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
High Speed Frequency Bowl Cutter
The Bowl Cutter uses the chopper's high-speed rotary cutting function to cut the meat and accessories into meat stuffing or meat paste, and can also mix the auxiliary materials, borneol and water with the meat filling or meat pieces. Our company's chopper speed, pot speed, gap between chopper and chopper, chopper material and chopper blade hardness are designed as a combination, with excellent technology, which ensures good chopping fineness, small heating degree and short chopping time of meat products, and improves the emulsifying effect, elasticity, fineness and yield of meat products. According to the needs of different users, our chopper series models are complete, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
$4300 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
Double-Screw Vacuum Blade Sausage Filler
It is used for sausage products.   The machine is mainly from the feed section,quantitative section,the main cylinder,cylinder,rotary valve cylinder rotation system kink , kink , a portion of the material and other components . Quantitative some of the major quantitative guides , trimming nuts, hit the block , screw components. Quantification of the number of major adjustments needed adjustment.
$3000 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
Double Door, 4 Trolley Smokehouse Machine ,furnaces
1000kgs four trolley smoked furnace . Apply for baking and drying of Sausage , Bacon, Chicken , Fish , Duck and Seafood. Good food color, smoky flavor, not greasy. It can meet the requirements of environmental protection. Completely replace the traditional smoke stove, save the labor of workers, improve the work efficiency, and enhance the taste and elasticity of food.
$40000 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
Vacuum Stuffing Mixer
Through the vacuum device, the material is in the negative pressure state, so that the material is fully expanded, no bubble, good elasticity, bright color. It is an ideal equipment to improve the quality of products.
$1500 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
Automatic Sausage Linking Machine
Double automatic work at the same time, no man-made guard. Advanced thread binding mechanism, no damage to casings. It adopts advanced servo motor and touch screen automatic control system, which is automatic, high-speed and stable. All stainless steel manufacturing, small size, high efficiency, easy operation, saving raw materials, low energy consumption, single-phase operation. The machine body is processed by numerical control, with higher assembly precision and more stable operation. All adopt high speed bearing, working more reliable.
$2800 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)
Quantitative Kink Enema Sausage Machine
This machine is a full-automatic vacuum quantitative filling machine controlled by microcomputer and driven by servo motor. It is equipped with automatic kink mechanism. It can not only be used for sausage, ham sausage, ham and other casing products, but also suitable for natural casings, collagen casings, fiber casings, etc.
$4000 / unit
1 unit (Min. Order)

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