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Chuangang Fabric Co., Ltd.

Chuangang Fabric Co., Ltd.

China Member Since: 21 Sep, 2020
Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City, Wujiang District, Shengze Town, Dingfang Village Jiangsu, Suzhou, China

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Suzhou, China

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Sustainable Hometextile

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About Chuangang Fabric Co., Ltd.

Chuangang Fabric was established in 1999. We produce home textile products, clothing fabrics and flame-retardant fabrics. Our clienteles consist of large wholesalers, online retailers, cruise ship builders, hotels and hospitals. At Chuangang Fabric, we are committed to sustainability. As part of the global textile industry supply chain, we believe that only sustainability can keep us growing steadily and bring us new business opportunities. We are willing to collaborate with customers and suppliers, to improve the supply chain and to achieve better with social responsibility, we are responsible to end customers that use our products and to our own employees. Business partners are just as important, so we are dedicated to providing the best products and service to customers. We are looking forward to more cooperation with oversea customers on mutual benefit and always do our almost efforts to supply our best service and products with excellent quality.


 Color Printing Microfibre Bed Set
Color Printing Microfibre Bed Set from Chuangang Fabric Co., Ltd. | Model: CPMBS-65575972 | Price: $100 Per 1 | Minimum Order Quantity: 500 1 | Delivery Time: 10-11 Business Days | Shipping Port: Jiangsu | Packaging: Standard | Capacity: large | Certification: tl9000 | Rating: 1.5 (18 reviews).
$100 / 1
500 1 (Min. Order)

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