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GLOBAL CHAINS participated in Canton Fair in October-17, China. The purpose of the tradeshow was to gather industrial giants from different parts of the world and provide a platform where each of these companies would connect and interact with each other, exchange and barter goods and buy and sell different products as well. Since 2003, the company has participated in 3 other events similar to Canton Fair, which were organized in France,Korea,Monaco. During these trade events, GLOBAL CHAINS exhibited different types of products like Steel Chains, Sprockets, Slats. The estimated ROI generated from these events are valued to be around 1.1 Million USD - 55% of Annual Revenue. Having an export history of about 16 years, GLOBAL CHAINS major exports are Steel Chains, Sprockets, Slats with an export ration to be valued around 1.1 Million USD - 55% of Annual Revenue. The export market share of the company overall is around Asia = 24% Europe = 15% Americas = 16% Middle East = 17% Africa = 14% Oceana = 14%. Similarly, the largest market share was collected by the local market with percent. The major clients of GLOBAL CHAINS is individual importers – 18%, corporations – 52% – SMEs – 27%, and government institutions – 52%.

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3755, PLACE JAVA, SUITE 170, Quebec, Brossard, Canada
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