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Guilin Dinglong Organic Glass Products Co.,Ltd

Guilin Dinglong Organic Glass Products Co.,Ltd

China 1st Year
Guangxi to bay town seat seven jia wan village 11-47 Guangxi, Guilin, China
Jack jiang

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Guilin, China

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Acrylic products

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About Guilin Dinglong Organic Glass Products Co.,Ltd

Guilin Dinglong plexiglass products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, sales and service of acrylic display frame. The company is located in Guilin, Guangxi, covering an area of 1500 square meters, with a strong technical production team, and equipped with all kinds of production equipment and production lines, the products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and more than 50 countries and regions. With a high-quality marketing team, professional and perfect customer service system, our products are deeply trusted by the majority of users, well received, and reliable brand. Product catalog: 1. Acrylic display frame (such as pop / POS display frame, store display frame, wall display frame, ballot box, etc.) 2. Acrylic food box, candy box, pastry box, cupline cake frame, etc. 3. Acrylic hotel supplies and household accessories (such as bottle frame, napkin box, menu frame, etc.) 4. Acrylic platform 5. Acrylic sports display frame 6. Acrylic furniture 7. Acrylic Medal Award Cup 8. Custom stand

Main Markets

United StatesUnited States(2%)
United KingdomUnited Kingdom(1%)
Hong KongHong Kong(-2%)


Acrylic Shoe Box
Acrylic Shoe box
$1 / boxes
1000 boxes (Min. Order)
Acrlyic Semi-spherical Ball
Acrlyic Semi-spherical ball
$1 / boxes
1000 boxes (Min. Order)
Acrylic Data Rack
Acrylic data rack
$1 / boxes
1000 boxes (Min. Order)
Acrylic Cigarette Case
Acrylic cigarette case
$1 / boxes
1000 boxes (Min. Order)
Acrylic Tissue Box
Acrylic Tissue Box
$1 / boxes
1000 boxes (Min. Order)
Acrylic Furniture
Acrylic furniture
$1 / boxes
1000 boxes (Min. Order)
Acrlyric Cosmetic Storage Box
Acrlyric cosmetic storage box
$1 / boxes
100 boxes (Min. Order)
Acrylic Cosmetics Display Stand
$10-100 / usd
50pcs usd (Min. Order)
Acrylic Hotel Crockery
$10-50 / usd
50pcs usd (Min. Order)
Acrylic Tissue Box
$7-30 / usd
50pcs usd (Min. Order)

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