Hangzhou TITA Group Co.,LTD

Hangzhou TITA Group Co.,LTD

China Member Since: 28 Aug, 2018
Floor 12 Bldg 1 Xinyi Plaza Beigan St Xiaoshan District Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China
Annie Zhu

Business Nature


Legal Status

private limited

Year Established


Annual Turnover

5 million to 10 million dollar


Hangzhou, China

Main Products

shower room, bathroom vanities, bathtub

Recent Transactions


Payment Terms

Western Union (WU), MoneyGram, Bank wire (T/T)

About Hangzhou TITA Group Co.,LTD

Hangzhou TITA Group Limited is a professional manufacturer for all kinds of bathrooms place, specialized in designing, producing, selling and servicing whole-set modern bathroom series.

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