HeBei YuSen Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

HeBei YuSen Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

China Member Since: 19 Dec, 2018
Wire Mesh World Anping Hebei, Hengshui, China

Company Description

Our products are mainly recognized for accuracy and precision, thanks to skilled professionals and lab experts at our production facility situated in Hengshui, Hebei, China. The reason HeBei YuSen Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. Private Limited is listed among leading Fluid Micro Concrete Manufacturers and Exporters is the durability of steel fiber,galvanized wire,barbed wire, promised and delivered on every order. With years of experience and expertise in the Fluid Micro Concrete industry we are now able to drive annual revenue estimating around Below US$1 Million owing to Australia,Turkey,United Kingdom,United States,Vietnam export market share. Since our inception, back in 2002, we hold most satisfied consumer base which can be witnessed with our export ratio value of US$50 Million - US$100 Million with successful 18 Years of export history. HeBei YuSen Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. started off with US$50 Million of initial capital under Have Own Export License.

Company Name HeBei YuSen Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Business Type Manufacturer
Year Incorporated 2002
Major Selling Products Steel fiber, Galvanized wire, Barbed wire
Country China
State Hebei,
City Hengshui,
Business Address Wire Mesh World Anping
Zipcode 53600
Website https://www.exporthub.com/hebei-yusen-metal-wire-mesh-412477
Contact Person Junbo
Department sales manager
Designation Marketing Manager/Director
Chief Executive Officer Junbo
Total Workforce 101 - 200 People
Certificates ISO22000

Transaction Details

Shipping Destination Transaction Value No. of Transactions
United States United States USD $*** 21
Australia Australia USD $*** 16
Turkey Turkey USD $*** 11
Vietnam Vietnam USD $*** 10
United Kingdom United Kingdom USD $*** 10

Buyer Interactions

Response Rate77%

HeBei YuSen Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. has responded 77% of buyers within 24 hours in past 30 days.

Response Time24h-48h

HeBei YuSen Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. average response time in past 7 days is 24h-48h.

Quotation Performance199

HeBei YuSen Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. has sent 14 quotations to new buyers in past 30 days.

Trade Capacity

Main Markets Total Revenue (%)
Australia Australia 16%
Vietnam Vietnam 10%
United States United States 21%
United Kingdom United Kingdom 10%
Turkey Turkey 11%
Total Annual Revenue:US$50 Million - US$100 Million
Export Percentage:11% - 20%
Accepted Delivery Terms: Delivered Ex-Ship (DES), Express Delivery, Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), Carriage Paid To (CPT), Freight on Board (FOB)
Accepted Payment Currency:United States Dollar, Hongkong Dollar, Switzerland Franc
Nearest Port:Hengshui
No.of Employees in Trade Dept.:Fewer than 5
Average Lead Time:24h-48h
Export Mode:Have Own Export License

R&D and QC Capacity

No. of Staff:11 - 50 People
No. of QC Staff:51 - 100 People

Production Capacity

Factory Size:Above 100,000 square meters
Factory Location:Commercial Boulevard
No. of Production Lines:3
OEM Option 1:Buyer Label Offered

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