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Jiangsu Jiangnan Chuangjia Profile Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Jiangnan Chuangjia Profile Co.,Ltd.

China Member Since: 25 Sep, 2020
Wuyi,Hengshanqiao,Changzhou Economic Zone,Jiangsu,213119,China Jiangsu, Changzhou, China
Mario Mei

Business Nature


Legal Status

Private Limited

Year Established


Annual Turnover

$150 million


Changzhou, China

Main Products

fabricated aluminium parts, aluminium extrusion profile, aluminium solar mounting frame, aluminium solar frame

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About Jiangsu Jiangnan Chuangjia Profile Co.,Ltd.

Started as a core business division of Jiangsu Jiangnan Group, Jiangnan Chuangjia Profile Co., Ltd. has been pioneering aluminium extrusion industry since 1999, and today it is one of the leading aluminium extrustion & fabrication companies in East China, with production capacity of 100 thousand tons aluminium extrusions per year. We have strong pride in providing high-quality aluminium extrusion products to customers worldwide.


Anodized Aluminium Frame For PV Module/Solar Panel
Anodized aluminium frame protects the internal parts (glass,solar cells,EVA and back-sheet) of solar module from thermal and mechanical tensions.
$8 / set
5000 set (Min. Order)

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