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hexin RORD Jiangsu, Nanjing, China

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In October-17, JIANGSU POLYCON CO., LTD participated in an event called Canton Fair. The event was organized in the China with an aim to bring industry leaders under one platform to share and experience new trends in the emerging market. JIANGSU POLYCON CO., LTD has attended 7 events similar to this since 2005 exhibiting products like gutter grate drainage. Some of the trade events happened in China, Germany, Monaco, Russia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and generated an estimated Approximate USD 1.05 Million - 21% of Annual Revenue, which is one of the biggest success of JIANGSU POLYCON CO., LTD. JIANGSU POLYCON CO., LTD has an export history of about 14 years, and our major exports are the gutter grate drainage. With an export ratio of about 0.75 Million USD - 15% of Annual Revenue, our primary clients are importers 13% , SMEs 16%, corporations 69%, and government institutions 2% percent. Our export market shares around the world is: Asia = 25% Europe = 19% Americas = 17% Middle East = 16% Africa = 10% Oceana = 13%

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hexin RORD, Jiangsu, Nanjing, China
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