Kevin Power Solutions (P) Ltd

Kevin Power Solutions (P) Ltd

India Member Since: 28 Dec, 2018
SCO - 36 , 2nd Floor , Sector- 10A Haryana, Gurgaon, India

Logistics and Transportation

Kevin Power Solutions (P) Ltd in recent years has appeared to be a well-established Factory with a manufacturing plant area of Approx 2400 Yards. The company has a manufacturing output worth of Upto 4,500,000 US Dollar with 4600000 $ worth of manufacturing output the entire year. The value of the company can be accumulated through 20 success OEM based contracts in 2017 and administered 2 types of own brands, and 19 different types of buyer label contract through the entire year in 2017. These significant progresses make-up for a lot of effort the company put to generate profits and customer value in 2017. The export operation of the company is administered by 11 People Approximately people to be exact with a customer feedback rating of 9-Excellent. The company has 1 small-scale production unit, 2 medium sized production unit, and 2 large size of the production unit comprising of three production units together to be 5. The highly active SLA which usually responds to the clients within 2 Business Days - Responsive and customer support in the English, Hindi language are the two main elements of successful customer satisfaction.

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SCO - 36 , 2nd Floor , Sector- 10A, Haryana, Gurgaon, India
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