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Nanex Company

Nanex Company

Belgium 1st Year
Belgium Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium
Aaron Claeys

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Antwerpen, Belgium

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Anti-viral cleaner & personal hygiene products

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About Nanex Company

The Nanex Anti-viral & -bacterial Eco-spray has has been proven effective against different harmful viruses and bacteria. Covid-19 can survive for days on various surfaces. Therefore, disinfecting and cleaning is of utmost importance. The product is specifically designed to perform this task. The Nanex Anti-viral eco-cleaner is composed of natural biocidal active ingredients, along with a surfactant mix that facilitates deep cleaning to enhance its performance for removing dirt, bacteria, and viruses.


Anti Viral Spray - Personal Protection
The Nanex anti-viral spray is a natural & biodegradable product, unlike most other disinfectants. It is a water based solution in an eco-friendly packaging, designed for easy & even application. Because of its unique composition this spray is instantly effective and removes all bacteria & viruses.
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Anti Viral Spray
Most available products take 5-10 minutes to work on viruses, leaving the possibility that not everything will be removed. Our product has shown instant performance within 1 minute, increasing the safety of use. How do I use the product? Our product is designed for ease of use, just like any other universal cleaner you just: Properties of our spray 1. spray, 2. wipe the surface, 3. leave it to dry. The product will be active for several hours. We recommend cleaning surfaces 2-3 times a day to secure your environment to be virus-free. Made with renewable resources Bio-degradable & eco-friendly Works immediately after treatment Officially tested for corona! Leaves no toxic fumes Disinfects different surfaces like plastic, stainless steel, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, textiles,...
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