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Nurpur Enterprises

Nurpur Enterprises

Pakistan Member Since: 07 Nov, 2020
Wadala Sandhuan Punjab, Sialkot, Pakistan
Arslan Haneef

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Sole Proprietorship

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Sialkot, Pakistan

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Salt and Every types salt product Gemstones, Minerals

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About Nurpur Enterprises

Nurpur Enterprises is the fastest growing salt and salt product manufacturer and exporter and the most trusted source for authentic salt products to the wholesalers, importers, and retail markets throughout the world. We stand on core values; authenticity- premium and customer-centricity. We established success through persistent dedication to providing superior value to the customer, products, employees, and our industry. We can offer you customized products and services in the light of your specific need and requirement, cater to your bulk order of any size and quantity. our purpose-built four manufacturing units produce a wide range of products ranging from edible salt to home decor to health and wellness to kitchenware to seasoning to construction products. our customers include leading brands, importers, sellers, large retailers we currently serve a wide range of .construction business industries including(but not limit to) our salt experts assist industries related to Home Decor, Health, and wellness, kitchen utilities, animal health with your salt project or question. we can offer you highly competitive prices and dedicated services in Himalayan salt

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