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Persepoli SRL

Persepoli SRL

Italy Member Since: 24 Sep, 2020
Piazza Mentana 8 Lombardia, Milan, Italy

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Milan, Italy

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Zafferano, Saffron

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About Persepoli SRL

We hereby introduce ourselves as PERSEPOLI SRL a company that deals with the direct supply of saffron harvested from agricultural fields in Iran with several years of experience in production and export and packaging. We are proud to monitor all the procedures from the initial stage of planting, harvesting and processing until final step of packing which are carried out by our updated and proficient staff. Our professional team are testing quality in certified and well-equipped laboratories to check chemical and microbiological measures in order to approach the most advanced international standards for a superior product. From 2018 our company obtained the organic certificate for the supply of organic saffron. Our saffron is produced from some designated lands under a tracking code which is not allowed to be mixed up with other similar products without any identification. in addition to retail range of products, we can also provide you with saffron in bulk in any quality you desire at the most competitive price based of FOB or CIF term. It would be a pleasure for us to start a collaboration with your company. We are available to send you a sample of our products. For any clarification we are available at our telephone or email. Best regards, Arman E.Manesh Persepolis SRL Piazza Mentana 8, 20123, Milan Tel. 02 72021234 Fax 02 89097811 Cell: +39 3663163300

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