Cable Sleeving Tape Monel knitted wire mesh

Cable Sleeving Tape Monel Knitted Wire Mesh

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Cable Sleeving Tape Monel Knitted Wire Mesh Details

Cable Sleeving Tape Monel knitted wire mesh Material: stainless steel wire with AISI201,202,301,302,304,304L,321,316,316L,pure nickel wire, titanium wire, monel wire, galvanized wire,copper wire. 2.Wire Diameter: 0.09-0.55mm 3.Common width: 40-600mm (generally 12mm, 25mm,40mm, 50mm, 80mm,100mm,150 mm,40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm,300mm, 400mm,500 mm, 600mm) 4.Common length:10-400m 6.Features: It has excellent flexibility and conforms easily to irregular and complex surfaces. Under rising temperatures, the wire knitted loops enlarge into each other instead of bulging away from wrapped surfaces, as do straight wires of woven mesh. 7.Application: knitted mesh is designed to wrap easily around cables and harnesses, and will reduce corona discharge in addition to providing EMI shielding. If interest,pls contact Betty via Mobile/Whatsapp: +86-15176880125 Company Name: Anping Web Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.

Cable Sleeving Tape Monel Knitted Wire Mesh Specifications

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Supplier Country: Russian Federation
Quantity : 3000 Pieces
Order Value: 30000
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