Co2 Recovery Plant For Dry Ice Production

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Co2 Recovery Plant For Dry Ice Production Details

CO2 Recovery Plant from Dry Ice Production SINOCEAN TECHNOLOGY POWER Description Dry ice is produced by suddenly expanding pressurized liquid CO2 under atmospheric pressure. The general conversion ratio will be approx. 40 to 45% of dry ice. In simple words: out of 100kg liquid CO2 only 40-45kg will be dry ice and the rest is normally lost as CO2 gas to the atmosphere. With a CO2 Revert Recovery System, however, most of the CO2 can be recovered which leads to a final conversion rate of approx. 90-95 %. This way, the dry ice production costs are reduced up to 50 %. When one or more units of dry ice machines are working, the co2 gas discharged from dry ice machine will be guided to precooler though gas pipe for recovering cold and then enters gas balloon. Then co2 from gas balloon with normal pressure goes into co2 compressor and becomes 2.5MPa. Then goes into purification tower to get rid of air or water by absorbing. And clean co2 gas goes into precooler and exchanges heat with low temperature expanded gas. Then goes into liquefier and separator: liquified and gas-liquid separated, purified. Lastly liquid co2 goes into co2 tank. Specification Model Dry ice output around Revert CO2 gas around Power Cooling Water Required CRP-50  50kg/hr 50kg/hr 15 KW 20 m3/hr CRP-100   100kg/hr 100kg/hr 30 KW 25 m3/hr CRP-200 200kg/hr 200kg/hr 52 KW 30 m3/hr CRP-300 250kg/hr 300kg/hr 77 KW 35 m3/hr CRP-500  420kg/hr 500kg/hr 113 KW 40 m3/hr CRP-1000 850kg/hr 1000kg/hr 213 KW 70 m3/hr Larger size can be customized.

About Sinocean Industrial Limited.

Sinocean Industrial Limited is an investor, producer and supplier of dry ice machine & CO2 recovery plant to a wide variety of industries throughout the world.

Primary Business Manufacturer
Year of Establishment 2006
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Currency Modes USD, Euro, RMB
Freight Options FOB, CNF, CFR, CIF, FCA


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