Fiberglass Tube

Selling Price: USD 1.83 / Pieces
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 100 Pieces
  • Production Capacity 2200 Pieces
  • Primary Business Supplier
  • Shipment Port Nanjing
  • Shipment Delivery Time 10 - 15 Working Days
  • Payment Methods Bank wire (T/T), Doc Against Payment (D/P), Credit Card (CC), Western Union (WU)

Fiberglass Tube Details

Nanjing Huahao Composite Co., Ltd is a well-known Manufacturer,Supplier and Supplier of fiberglass tube . Officially located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, the company is not just restricted towards selling Fiberglass Tube, but also supplies other products like fiberglass,carbon fiber products. The starting prices for these Fiberglass Tube are from USD 1.83 per Pieces being the maximum per unit along with a minimum order quantity 100 Pieces. The preferred shipment location is Nanjing with production capability up to 2200 Pieces and delivery time of approx 10 - 15 Working Days. Nanjing Huahao Composite Co., Ltd is situated in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China and manufactures and exports the products from China into different parts of the world. Customers have the advantage of making payments through Bank wire (T/T),Doc Against Payment (D/P),Credit Card (CC),Western Union (WU), etc. Nanjing Huahao Composite Co., Ltd is also facilitating its customers with a vast range of freight options like Freight on Board (FOB),Free Along Side Ship (FAS),Express Delivery,Delivered at Frontier (DAF),Delivered Ex-Ship (DES), and the customers can pay through different modes of currencies like USD,CNY,CHF, and many more.

Fiberglass Tube Features

Color Numerous Color Varieties
Material Standard Material Types

About Nanjing Huahao Composite Co., Ltd.

A renowned name in the Fiberglass Rod, Nanjing Huahao Composite Co., Ltd is a Supplier, Services currently dealing in fiberglass , carbon fiber products. With an annual turnover of Approx 2 Million US Dollar in the business of exporting goods and services in different parts of the world since 12 year(s), Nanjing Huahao Composite Co., Ltd claims to have an accumulated export of 1.5 Million USD - 25% of Annual Revenue including the total export market share in Asia = 12% Europe = 21% Americas = 27% Middle East = 40%. Originating from wenjing road 377, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, Nanjing Huahao Composite Co., Ltd started off with an initial investment of Above US$100 Million in 2006. A Private Limited with an Have Own Export License; the company plans to expand its roots in different countries in the coming years.

Primary Business Supplier
Year of Establishment 2006
Legal Status Private Limited
Yearly Business Turnover Approx 2 Million US Dollar
Currency Modes United States Dollar,Chinese Yuan,Switzerland Franc
Freight Options Delivered Ex-Ship (DES),Delivered at Frontier (DAF),Express Delivery,Free Along Side Ship (FAS),Freight on Board (FOB)


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wenjing road 377, Jiangning District , Jiangsu , Nanjing , China

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