Selling Price: USD 30 / KGs
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 1 KGs
  • Production Capacity 200 KGs
  • Primary Business Exporter
  • Shipment Port Bangalore
  • Shipment Delivery Time 13 - 17 Working Days
  • Payment Methods Bank wire (T/T), Doc Against Acceptance (D/A), MoneyGram, Escrow


Situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, INJEON TECHNOLOGIES has emerged as the leading Exporter,Buying Office and Exporter of GLUCOMANNAN BETA GLUCAN SOYA ISOFLAVANOIDSCOLLAGEN and supplying Beta Glucan products in different parts of the world. Renowned for its best quality products, and efficient customer services, the organization is not just selling GLUCOMANNAN BETA GLUCAN SOYA ISOFLAVANOIDSCOLLAGEN, but also supply different Beta Glucan products like glucomannan,beta glucan,arginine alphaketoglutarate,ornithine alphaketoglutarate. The maximum number of days it takes to deliver the products is 13 - 17 Working Days while the prices start from USD 30 per KGs, and the minimum quantity for ordering GLUCOMANNAN BETA GLUCAN SOYA ISOFLAVANOIDSCOLLAGEN is around 1 KGs. The available shipment port option is Bangalore. The production volume of the company is 200 KGs to be exact while assisting the customers with different freight options like Freight on Board (FOB),Cost Insurance & Freight (CIF),EX-Work (EXW),Delivered at Frontier (DAF),Delivered Ex-Ship (DES). The company also accepts payments in USD,HKD,GBP, etc. Apart from all of these services, INJEON TECHNOLOGIES is also providing guidance and assistance for efficient payment solutions through Bank wire (T/T),Doc Against Acceptance (D/A),MoneyGram,Escrow, and many more.


Dose/Strength Diverse Dose/Strength Range
Packaging Size Many Packaging Size Varieties
Packaging Type Different Packaging Type Variations
Usage Clinical


INJEON TECHNOLOGIES deals in glucomannan,beta glucan, arginine alphaketoglutarate, ornithine alphaketoglutarate and Beta Glucan. With US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million yearly business turnover and 12 year(s) of export history, INJEON TECHNOLOGIES have total exports of 8.8 Million USD - 88% of Annual Revenue including markets like Asia = 25% Europe = 21% Americas = 12% Middle East = 42%. Founded in 2007, we are located in LAKKUR, DOBBESPET, Bangalore, Karnataka, India as leading glucomannan,beta glucan, arginine alphaketoglutarate, ornithine alphaketoglutarate Exporter and Buying House. We operate as a Private Limited having Have Own Export License. Our initial business capital estimates around US$5 Million.

Primary Business Exporter
Year of Establishment 2007
Legal Status Private Limited
Yearly Business Turnover US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Currency Modes United States Dollar,Euro ,Australian Dollar
Freight Options Delivered at Frontier (DAF),Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU),Delivered Duty Paid (DDP),Delivered Ex-Quay (DEQ),Freight on Board (FOB)


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