Intelliviewer A4 Highspeed Scanner

Selling Price: USD 20 / Sets
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 1 Sets
  • Production Capacity 200 Sets
  • Primary Business Exporter
  • Shipment Port Shenzhen
  • Shipment Delivery Time 16 - 20 Working Days
  • Payment Methods Bank wire (T/T), Doc Against Acceptance (D/A), Credit Card (CC), Western Union (WU)

Intelliviewer A4 Highspeed Scanner Details

Our intelliviewer A4 Highspeed scanner are made in China with high quality export standards. We have multiple variations of intelliviewer A4 Highspeed scanner including door video phone,high speed document scanner. With 200 Sets production capacity, the price of intelliviewer A4 Highspeed scanner is 20 per Sets and minimum order quantity is 1 Sets. The delivery time for intelliviewer A4 Highspeed scanner is 16 - 20 Working Days. Product is delivered from Shenzhen port via Freight on Board (FOB),Cost & Freight (CFR),EX-Work (EXW),Carriage Paid To (CPT),Express Delivery. We also specialize in different High Speed Scanner products. Our company Dongguan Lite Array Co., Ltd is a Exporter and Exporter,Trading Company of door video phone,high speed document scanner and High Speed Scanner products from China, Guangdong, Shenzhen. For intelliviewer A4 Highspeed scanner, we are accepting payments in USD,AUD,CNY through Bank wire (T/T),Doc Against Acceptance (D/A),Credit Card (CC),Western Union (WU).

Intelliviewer A4 Highspeed Scanner Features

Accessory Excluded Numerous Accessory Excluded Variations
Acoustical Noise Numerous Acoustical Noise Variations
ADF Capacity Standard ADF Capacity Options
Application Many Application Types
Brand Diverse Brand Variations
Bundled Software Various Bundled Software Variations
Camera Standard Camera Options
Capacity Several Capacity Alternatives
Color Numerous Color Preferences
Color Depth 24Bit
Color Scan Many Color Scan Variations
Connectivity Diverse Connectivity Types
Consumables Available Various Consumables Available Choices
Control Panel Standard Control Panel Range
Daily Duty Cycle Standard Daily Duty Cycle Alternatives
Device Weight Standard Device Weight Options
Dimension Many Dimension Preferences
Document Feeding Different Document Feeding Preferences
Document Length Different Document Length Range
Document Size Several Document Size Options
Document Width Diverse Document Width Variations
Driver Numerous Driver Varieties
Duty Cycle Various Duty Cycle Range
Electrical Rating Volt Different Electrical Rating Volt Variations
Electrical Requirements Different Electrical Requirements Types
Enhancements Many Enhancements Options
Environmental Compliance Standard Environmental Compliance Types
Environmental Factors Numerous Environmental Factors Alternatives
Features Many Features Preferences
Feeding Capacity Numerous Feeding Capacity Preferences
File Format Output Diverse File Format Output Types
File Formats Multiple File Formats Varieties
Fingerprint Sensor Different Fingerprint Sensor Range
Formats Several Formats Options
Gedo Ce Captures Different Gedo Ce Captures Range
Greyscale Scan Numerous Greyscale Scan Variations
I deal in New and Second Hand
Illumination Standard Illumination Choices
Image Processing Function Standard Image Processing Function Alternatives
Image Sensor Type Numerous Image Sensor Type Variations
Inbox Contents Several Inbox Contents Types
Interface Support Various Interface Support Varieties
Interface Type USB
Internal Video Processing Many Internal Video Processing Variations
Language Support Different Language Support Types
Length Various Length Options
Light Source Diverse Light Source Alternatives
Lightings Standard Lightings Types
Long Document Mode Length Multiple Long Document Mode Length Types
Manual Feeding Multiple Manual Feeding Choices
Material Numerous Material Types
Max Dimension Different Max Dimension Alternatives
Max Document Scan Speed Various Max Document Scan Speed Preferences
Max Paper Size A3
Max Thickness Diverse Max Thickness Choices
Max Weight Numerous Max Weight Varieties
Minimum Document Size Standard Minimum Document Size Preferences
Model Number Diverse Model Number Alternatives
Nominal Voltage Standard Nominal Voltage Variations
Operating System Various Operating System Variations
Operating Temp. Multiple Operating Temp. Types
Operation Environment Different Operation Environment Varieties
Optical Resolution Different Optical Resolution Choices
Output Color Depth Different Output Color Depth Options
Output Compression Several Output Compression Preferences
Output Resolution Diverse Output Resolution Options
Outputs Many Outputs Preferences
Paper Feed Capacity Diverse Paper Feed Capacity Varieties
Paper Thickness and Weight Various Paper Thickness and Weight Preferences
PC Configuration Many PC Configuration Alternatives
Photo Image Enhancement Various Photo Image Enhancement Preferences
Photo Size Various Photo Size Types
Picture Feeding Different Picture Feeding Preferences
Power Different Power Alternatives
Power Consumption Standard Power Consumption Range
Power Requirements Numerous Power Requirements Options
Power Supply Diverse Power Supply Varieties
Recommended Daily Volume Numerous Recommended Daily Volume Preferences
Recommended PC Configuration Many Recommended PC Configuration Choices
Regulation Several Regulation Alternatives
Saving Several Saving Options
Scan Rate Several Scan Rate Range
Scan Speed Different Scan Speed Varieties
Scanner Buttons Many Scanner Buttons Variations
Scanner Driver Many Scanner Driver Variations
Scanner Type Multiple Scanner Type Choices
Scanning Bit Depth Many Scanning Bit Depth Preferences
Scanning Element Multiple Scanning Element Options
Scanning Side Standard Scanning Side Types
Scanning Speed Various Scanning Speed Range
Scanning Technology Different Scanning Technology Alternatives
Screen Resolution Diverse Screen Resolution Preferences
Selectable Resolution Many Selectable Resolution Alternatives
Settings Different Settings Range
Size/Dimension Many Size/Dimension Options
Software Support Numerous Software Support Choices
Speed Standard Speed Options
Storage Diverse Storage Range
Supported Output Media Several Supported Output Media Varieties
Thickness Multiple Thickness Varieties
Throughput Standard Throughput Alternatives
Throughput Speed Standard Throughput Speed Varieties
Usage Various Usage Varieties
Voltage Multiple Voltage Variations
Warranty Multiple Warranty Varieties
Weight Diverse Weight Range
Wi-Fi Interface Diverse Wi-Fi Interface Preferences

About Dongguan Lite Array Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Lite Array Co., Ltd currently deals in door video phone ,high speed document scanner and Digital Doorbell. Established in 2003, and with an initial business capital of US$2.5 Million, we are expanding our roots in different parts of the world through our top-quality products trusted by millions of importers scattered in all over the world. We are located in 2210/F Jintian Road Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, with US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million worth of revenue since we started back 15 year(s) ago. Our company has an approximated export value of 3.2 Million USD - 32% of Annual Revenue. The overall market share of our products expands in different regions, including Asia = 14% Europe = 18% Americas = 22% Middle East = 46%. We are a Private Limited company working as Exporter and Trader with Have Own Export License and plans to deliver quality products to our prestigious customers all over the world.

Primary Business Exporter
Year of Establishment 2003
Legal Status Private Limited
Yearly Business Turnover US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Currency Modes United States Dollar,Hongkong Dollar,Great Britain Pound
Freight Options Express Delivery,Carriage Paid To (CPT),Free Along Side Ship (FAS),Cost Insurance & Freight (CIF),Freight on Board (FOB)


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