Mini Horizontal Milling Machine

Selling Price: USD 20 / Sets
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 1 Sets
  • Production Capacity 200 Sets
  • Primary Business Manufacturer
  • Shipment Port Dongguan
  • Shipment Delivery Time 18 - 22 Working Days
  • Payment Methods Bank wire (T/T), Doc Against Acceptance (D/A), MoneyGram, Escrow

Mini Horizontal Milling Machine Details

Ka Shun Machinery (HK) Limited is a well-known Manufacturer,Supplier and Manufacturer of Mini Horizontal Milling Machine. Officially located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, the company is not just restricted towards selling Horizontal Milling Machine, but also supplies other products like cnc lathe . milling machine.tapping machine.bench lathe and other tools. The starting prices of these Mini Horizontal Milling Machine are from USD 20 per Sets while the minimum quantity to order must be around 1 Sets, with a production capacity of 200 Sets and Dongguan as shipment port. Ka Shun Machinery (HK) Limited ships the products in 18 - 22 Working Days at maximum and provides tons of assistance and guidance for effective payment solutions through Bank wire (T/T),Doc Against Acceptance (D/A),MoneyGram,Escrow, etc. Apart from all of these services, Ka Shun Machinery (HK) Limited is also providing guidance and assistance for efficient delivery solutions through Freight on Board (FOB),EX-Work (EXW),Carriage Paid To (CPT),Delivered Duty Paid (DDP),Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), and many more.

Mini Horizontal Milling Machine Features

Automation Grade Automatic
Beater Multiple Beater Preferences
Boring Range Various Boring Range Options
Brand Different Brand Range
Capacity Various Capacity Choices
Clamping Area Various Clamping Area Alternatives
Color Standard Color Options
Contact Parts Diverse Contact Parts Alternatives
Coolant Pump Motor Different Coolant Pump Motor Varieties
Cross Travel Many Cross Travel Options
Cutting Feed Speed Various Cutting Feed Speed Options
Design Type Several Design Type Range
Dimension Mm Multiple Dimension Mm Range
Drilling Capacity Several Drilling Capacity Range
End Mill Capacity Diverse End Mill Capacity Options
Face Mill Capacity Standard Face Mill Capacity Varieties
Feature Diverse Feature Options
Feed Motor Numerous Feed Motor Range
Finishing Multiple Finishing Preferences
Floor Space Various Floor Space Choices
Frequency Several Frequency Choices
Guide Ways Standard Guide Ways Types
Head Stock Swivel and Incline Various Head Stock Swivel and Incline Types
Head Tilt Different Head Tilt Preferences
Height Above Floor Diverse Height Above Floor Varieties
I deal in New and Second Hand
Is It Customized Non Customized
Is It Variable Speed Variable Speed
Knee Travel Various Knee Travel Alternatives
Longitudinal Automatic Standard Longitudinal Automatic Variations
Longitudinal Travel Diverse Longitudinal Travel Types
Machine Height Standard Machine Height Alternatives
Machine Type Diverse Machine Type Range
Machine Weight Several Machine Weight Choices
Main Motor Different Main Motor Types
Make Different Make Types
Mass Of Machine Different Mass Of Machine Options
Material Other
Max Load Table Different Max Load Table Choices
Max Table Load Multiple Max Table Load Range
Maximum load Diverse Maximum load Varieties
Micro Drill Different Micro Drill Options
Milling Spindle Front Bearing Dia Several Milling Spindle Front Bearing Dia Choices
Milling Spindle Motor Numerous Milling Spindle Motor Types
Model No. Multiple Model No. Preferences
Model Number Numerous Model Number Types
No Of Spindle Speed Several No Of Spindle Speed Options
No. Of Feeds Various No. Of Feeds Options
No. Of Speed Multiple No. Of Speed Variations
No. Of T-Slots Multiple No. Of T-Slots Types
Number Of Feeds Standard Number Of Feeds Range
Number Of Slots Various Number Of Slots Choices
Phase Many Phase Variations
Power Various Power Preferences
Power Rating Numerous Power Rating Range
Power Source Different Power Source Types
Product Type Various Product Type Types
Quill Diameter Diverse Quill Diameter Choices
Quill Feeds Numerous Quill Feeds Types
Quill Stroke Standard Quill Stroke Types
Quill Travel Numerous Quill Travel Varieties
Range Of Speed Diverse Range Of Speed Varieties
Rapid Feed Speed Many Rapid Feed Speed Choices
Reverse Rotation No
Ring Number Many Ring Number Types
Rotation Numerous Rotation Varieties
Rpm Of Spindle Different Rpm Of Spindle Variations
Shape Various Shape Types
Size Multiple Size Range
Speed Various Speed Options
Spindle Center To Column Several Spindle Center To Column Varieties
Spindle Motor Power Several Spindle Motor Power Types
Spindle Power Several Spindle Power Range
Spindle speed Numerous Spindle speed Preferences
Spindle Speed Range Different Spindle Speed Range Range
Spindle Speed Step Diverse Spindle Speed Step Options
Spindle Taper Diverse Spindle Taper Options
Spindle Torque Standard Spindle Torque Options
Standard Standard Standard Types
Surface Of Table Different Surface Of Table Options
T Slot Center Distance Standard T Slot Center Distance Range
T-Slot Size Several T-Slot Size Options
Table Rotation Many Table Rotation Options
Table Size Numerous Table Size Types
Throat Distance Various Throat Distance Preferences
Torque Diverse Torque Options
Transverse Various Transverse Varieties
Usage/Application Various Usage/Application Range
Variable Speed Diverse Variable Speed Preferences
Vertical Travel Several Vertical Travel Varieties
Voltage Multiple Voltage Types
Warranty Several Warranty Options
Weight Various Weight Range
Work Type Diverse Work Type Alternatives
Working Space Diverse Working Space Range
Working Surface Standard Working Surface Choices

About Ka Shun Machinery (HK) Limited.

Having established itself as a major Manufacturer and Other of cnc lathe . milling machine.tapping machine.bench lathe and other tools around the world, Ka Shun Machinery (HK) Limited had been earning Approx 0.5 Billion US Dollar annually since its inception 25 year(s) ago. With an export rate of about 4.8 Million USD - 48% of Annual Revenue earned yearly, the estimated market share of Ka Shun Machinery (HK) Limited is Asia = 14% Europe = 13% Americas = 17% Middle East = 56%. Having said all of this, European and Oceanic market is still yet to be discovered by the industry; however, this graph may change ahead in the future. Originating from Dongguan, Guangdong, China, Ka Shun Machinery (HK) Limited started off with an initial investment of US$5 Million in 1994. A Private Limited with Have Own Export License; the company plans to expand its roots in different countries in the coming years. For any further details on Horizontal Milling Machine products, feel free to contact Cranny on provided details.

Primary Business Manufacturer
Year of Establishment 1994
Legal Status Private Limited
Yearly Business Turnover Approx 0.5 Billion US Dollar
Currency Modes United States Dollar,Canadian Dollar,Switzerland Franc
Freight Options Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU),Delivered Duty Paid (DDP),Carriage Paid To (CPT),EX-Work (EXW),Freight on Board (FOB)

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