Surveillance Cameraandroid Non Camera Phone

Selling Price: USD 4.39 / Pieces
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 40 Pieces
  • Production Capacity 1000 Pieces
  • Primary Business Exporter
  • Shipment Port Guangzhou
  • Shipment Delivery Time 13 - 17 Working Days
  • Payment Methods Bank wire (T/T), Letter of Credit (L/C), MoneyGram, PayPal

Surveillance Cameraandroid Non Camera Phone Details

Located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory has established itself as a prestigious Manufacturer,Exporter and Exporter of surveillance cameraandroid non camera phone across different parts of the world. Known for its best quality products, and active customer services, the company is not just restricted towards selling the Camera Phone, they also supply different kinds of bluetooth speaker etc. Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory ships the products in 13 - 17 Working Days at maximum and provides tons of assistance and guidance for practical payment solutions through Bank wire (T/T),Letter of Credit (L/C),MoneyGram,PayPal. For customers purchasing their products in bulk quantity, the good news is that the starting prices of the surveillance cameraandroid non camera phone are from USD 4.39 per Pieces with Guangzhou as delivery port and the minimum amount to order the surveillance cameraandroid non camera phone are 40 Pieces. With a production capacity of almost 1000 Pieces, Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory is also providing various options for freight like Freight on Board (FOB),Free Along Side Ship (FAS),Carriage & Insurance Paid (CIP),Delivered Duty Paid (DDP),Delivered at Frontier (DAF) assisting the customers to pay in different curries like USD,AUD,CHF, etc.

Surveillance Cameraandroid Non Camera Phone Features

Airflow Different Airflow Options
Analog Tv Signal Standard Analog Tv Signal Varieties
Application Diverse Application Varieties
Audio Formats Supported Various Audio Formats Supported Preferences
Auto Call Recording Several Auto Call Recording Variations
Battery Diverse Battery Types
Bluethooth Different Bluethooth Varieties
Body Sar Multiple Body Sar Options
Brand Beetel
Browser Diverse Browser Alternatives
Buy It Online From Many Buy It Online From Options
Call Log Different Call Log Choices
Caller Picture Standard Caller Picture Choices
Caller Ringtone Multiple Caller Ringtone Alternatives
Camera Different Camera Variations
Camera Resolution Different Camera Resolution Options
Charging Time Several Charging Time Options
Color Numerous Color Variations
Communication Language Various Communication Language Range
Connectivity Several Connectivity Choices
Connectivity Type Various Connectivity Type Preferences
Data Transmission Different Data Transmission Range
Digital Multiple Digital Options
Display Many Display Variations
Display Pixel Density Numerous Display Pixel Density Preferences
Downloadable Numerous Downloadable Types
Extended Battery Various Extended Battery Options
Features Standard Features Alternatives
Flash Torch Several Flash Torch Types
Fm Radio Diverse Fm Radio Variations
Frequency Multiple Frequency Choices
Function Diverse Function Varieties
Gprs Diverse Gprs Variations
Head Sar Various Head Sar Choices
Icons Standard Icons Types
Image Resolution Various Image Resolution Options
Image Viewer Different Image Viewer Choices
Internal Memory Many Internal Memory Types
Internal Memory Gb Various Internal Memory Gb Alternatives
Is It Bluetooth Many Is It Bluetooth Range
Jack Mm Multiple Jack Mm Range
Java Enable Numerous Java Enable Range
Keypad Many Keypad Range
Languages Different Languages Choices
List Of Applications Numerous List Of Applications Types
Loud Speaker Multiple Loud Speaker Varieties
Material Diverse Material Types
Max Group Contact Various Max Group Contact Range
Media Format Different Media Format Variations
Memory Card Support Standard Memory Card Support Types
Memory Size Many Memory Size Alternatives
Micro Usb Port Numerous Micro Usb Port Preferences
Micron Filtration Diverse Micron Filtration Choices
Mobile Access Numerous Mobile Access Choices
Mobile Email and Instant Messaging Numerous Mobile Email and Instant Messaging Range
Mobile Tracker Multiple Mobile Tracker Variations
Model Number Different Model Number Range
Music Several Music Alternatives
Music Library Diverse Music Library Types
Music Player Different Music Player Preferences
Network Band Mhz Many Network Band Mhz Variations
Network Speed Mbps Several Network Speed Mbps Choices
Operating System Many Operating System Options
Os Version Numerous Os Version Preferences
Privacy Lock Different Privacy Lock Choices
Processor Different Processor Varieties
Radio Band Numerous Radio Band Types
RAM Numerous RAM Variations
Range Multiple Range Varieties
Resolution Several Resolution Alternatives
Rom Type Numerous Rom Type Variations
Safety Numerous Safety Preferences
Schedule Power Numerous Schedule Power Choices
Screen Resolution Several Screen Resolution Types
Screen Size Multiple Screen Size Variations
Shipping Multiple Shipping Types
Sim Card Supported Standard Sim Card Supported Preferences
SIM Slot Diverse SIM Slot Preferences
SIM Type Multiple SIM Type Options
Size/Dimension Numerous Size/Dimension Types
Speaker Many Speaker Types
Speaker Phone Several Speaker Phone Variations
Speed Dial Various Speed Dial Alternatives
Standard Battery Different Standard Battery Varieties
Standby Time Different Standby Time Choices
Storage Different Storage Varieties
Support Adobe Flash Many Support Adobe Flash Options
Support Email Numerous Support Email Varieties
Support Micro Sd Card Standard Support Micro Sd Card Options
Support Touch Panel Various Support Touch Panel Options
Support Webcam Several Support Webcam Range
Talk Time Various Talk Time Options
Technology Various Technology Alternatives
Telephone Directory Standard Telephone Directory Alternatives
Touch Screen Different Touch Screen Options
Type Several Type Options
Video Player Multiple Video Player Choices
Video Supported Format Multiple Video Supported Format Varieties
Voice Recorder Diverse Voice Recorder Alternatives
Warranty Several Warranty Preferences
Weight Standard Weight Range
With Microphone Diverse With Microphone Variations
World Time Diverse World Time Alternatives

About Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory.

A renowned name in the Camera Phone, Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory is currently dealing in bluetooth speaker. With an annual turnover of Above US$100 Million, Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory is a leading Exporter and Services selling Camera Phone goods and services in different parts of the world since 2010. With 9 year(s) export history, Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory claims to have an accumulated export of 7.9 Million USD - 79% of Annual Revenue including the total export market share in Asia = 25% Europe = 16% Americas = 22% Middle East = 37%. The Camera Phone industry is yet to make a feasible approach in the European and Oceanic market with zero percent export market share in these continents. Nonetheless, their network is expanding at a considerable pace. Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory is from Guangzhou, China, with its head office situated in Guangdong, and with a start-up business capital of worth US$5 Million, the company has been earning a lot of name for its products and services throughout the world. Incorporated in 2010, Shenzhen Fire-Wolf Electronic Factory is a Private Limited having Have Own Export License.

Primary Business Exporter
Year of Establishment 2010
Legal Status Private Limited
Yearly Business Turnover Above US$100 Million
Currency Modes United States Dollar,Australian Dollar,Switzerland Franc
Freight Options Delivered at Frontier (DAF),Delivered Duty Paid (DDP),Carriage & Insurance Paid (CIP),Free Along Side Ship (FAS),Freight on Board (FOB)


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