USB Cable Chaging &amp Data Transfer Apple Iphone USB OTG Cable

Selling Price: USD 0.34 / Pieces
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 50 Pieces
  • Production Capacity 1200 Pieces
  • Primary Business Exporter
  • Shipment Port Guangzhou
  • Shipment Delivery Time 23 - 27 Working Days
  • Payment Methods Bank wire (T/T), Credit Card (CC), PayPal, Western Union (WU)

USB Cable Chaging &amp Data Transfer Apple Iphone USB OTG Cable Details

Walker (GZ) CO., Ltd. is a renowned Exporter and Exporter,Buying Office of USB Cable Chaging & Data Transfer Apple Iphone USB OTG Cable from China to all over the world. Their product is not confined to just OTG Cable but also ranges from Mobile phone accessories. The starting prices of these USB Cable Chaging & Data Transfer Apple Iphone USB OTG Cable is USD 0.34 Per Pieces while the minimum quantity to order must be around 50 Pieces, with a production capacity of 1200 Pieces. Located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China and supplying OTG Cable products from here into different parts of the world. Our customers receive the products in maximum 23 - 27 Working Days. Customers have the leverage of making payments through Bank wire (T/T),Credit Card (CC),PayPal,Western Union (WU) etc. Walker (GZ) CO., Ltd. offers shipment from Guangzhou port. Walker (GZ) CO., Ltd. is also providing different freight options like Freight on Board (FOB),Free Along Side Ship (FAS),Carriage & Insurance Paid (CIP),Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU),Express Delivery while our customers pay us through different currency modes like USD,CAD,CHF.

USB Cable Chaging &amp Data Transfer Apple Iphone USB OTG Cable Features

Application Many Application Variations
Brand Different Brand Choices
Cable Cover Multiple Cable Cover Variations
Cable Interface Different Cable Interface Preferences
Cable Jacket Several Cable Jacket Choices
Cable Size Standard Cable Size Variations
Cable Speed Standard Cable Speed Preferences
Cable Type Diverse Cable Type Range
Cable Version Standard Cable Version Variations
Capacity Standard Capacity Preferences
Charging Various Charging Choices
Charging Port Various Charging Port Range
Color Diverse Color Range
Compatibility Different Compatibility Alternatives
Compatible Connectors Diverse Compatible Connectors Preferences
Compatible Device Several Compatible Device Variations
Compatible Female Connectors Different Compatible Female Connectors Preferences
Connection Standard Connection Alternatives
Connector Multiple Connector Options
Connector Shell Several Connector Shell Choices
Current Standard Current Variations
Customization Not Customized
Data Transfer No
Design Various Design Range
Diameter Diverse Diameter Varieties
Dimensions Standard Dimensions Choices
Display Numerous Display Choices
Equalizer Different Equalizer Options
Finishing Different Finishing Types
Flexibility Different Flexibility Range
Frequency Standard Frequency Choices
I deal in New Only
Interface Type Micro USB
Is It Armoured Armoured
Is It With Microphone Without Microphone
LED Indicator Yes
Logo Type Various Logo Type Preferences
Material Several Material Variations
Max Length Various Max Length Range
Microphone Yes
Model Number Various Model Number Choices
Number Of Connectors Standard Number Of Connectors Types
Number Of Drive Diverse Number Of Drive Variations
Number Of Pins Numerous Number Of Pins Alternatives
Operating Temp. Different Operating Temp. Varieties
Operating Temperature Various Operating Temperature Range
Outer Diameter Multiple Outer Diameter Preferences
Output Standard Output Preferences
Packaging Size Various Packaging Size Varieties
Packaging Type Many Packaging Type Varieties
Packing Type Diverse Packing Type Varieties
Place Of Origin Different Place Of Origin Varieties
Power Diverse Power Preferences
Product Code Multiple Product Code Range
Product Customization No
Product Type Other
Quantity Per Pack Standard Quantity Per Pack Alternatives
Series Numerous Series Alternatives
Set Content Various Set Content Variations
Shape Several Shape Types
Speed Multiple Speed Choices
Stereo Audio Output Diverse Stereo Audio Output Options
Storage Temp. Many Storage Temp. Choices
Support Multiple Support Options
Supported Os Different Supported Os Choices
Temperature Various Temperature Preferences
Type Coaxial
Usage/Application Multiple Usage/Application Types
USB Type Several USB Type Preferences
Voltage Different Voltage Choices
Warranty Numerous Warranty Variations
Weight Diverse Weight Preferences
Wire Core Different Wire Core Choices
Wired Type Various Wired Type Range
Working Temperature Different Working Temperature Varieties

About Walker (GZ) CO., Ltd..

Walker (GZ) CO., Ltd. currently deals in Mobile phone accessories and OTG Cable. Established in 2015, and with an initial business capital of US$5 Million, we are expanding our roots in different parts of the world through our top-quality products trusted by millions of importers scattered in all over the world. We are located in Main Commercial Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, with Below US$1 Million worth of revenue since we started back 3 year(s) ago. Our company has an approximated export value of 4.2 Million USD - 42% of Annual Revenue. The overall market share of our products expands in different regions, including Asia = 19% Europe = 12% Americas = 28% Middle East = 41%. We are a Private Limited company working as Exporter and Buying House with Using an agent and plans to deliver quality products to our prestigious customers all over the world.

Primary Business Exporter
Year of Establishment 2015
Legal Status Private Limited
Yearly Business Turnover Below US$1 Million
Currency Modes United States Dollar,Canadian Dollar,Switzerland Franc
Freight Options Express Delivery,Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU),Carriage & Insurance Paid (CIP),Free Along Side Ship (FAS),Freight on Board (FOB)

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