Y Series Threephase Asynchronous Induction Motor

Selling Price: USD 7.91 / Pieces
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 1 Pieces
  • Production Capacity 200 Pieces
  • Primary Business Manufacturer
  • Shipment Port Fu an
  • Shipment Delivery Time 15 - 19 Working Days
  • Payment Methods Bank wire (T/T), Doc Against Acceptance (D/A), MoneyGram, Western Union (WU)

Y Series Threephase Asynchronous Induction Motor Details

Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd is a well-known Manufacturer,Supplier and Manufacturer of Y Series Threephase Asynchronous Induction Motor. Officially located in Beijing, Beijing, China, the company is not just restricted towards selling Induction Motors, but also supplies other products like Generator,motor,pump. The starting prices of these Y Series Threephase Asynchronous Induction Motor are from USD 7.91 per Pieces while the minimum quantity to order must be around 1 Pieces, with a production capacity of 200 Pieces and Fu an as shipment port. Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd ships the products in 15 - 19 Working Days at maximum and provides tons of assistance and guidance for effective payment solutions through Bank wire (T/T),Doc Against Acceptance (D/A),MoneyGram,Western Union (WU), etc. Apart from all of these services, Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd is also providing guidance and assistance for efficient delivery solutions through Freight on Board (FOB),Free Along Side Ship (FAS),Carriage & Insurance Paid (CIP),Free Carrier (FCA),Carriage Paid To (CPT), and many more.

Y Series Threephase Asynchronous Induction Motor Features

Ambient Temperature Different Ambient Temperature Variations
Bearing Type Numerous Bearing Type Varieties
Brand ABB
Cableb length Multiple Cableb length Preferences
Capacitance Numerous Capacitance Types
Ce Marking Several Ce Marking Alternatives
Certification Diverse Certification Choices
Current Rating Many Current Rating Options
Detergent system Standard Detergent system Choices
Dimensions Standard Dimensions Types
Duity Type Several Duity Type Alternatives
Electromagnetic Brake Multiple Electromagnetic Brake Types
Features Standard Features Preferences
Frame Size Many Frame Size Variations
Frequency Numerous Frequency Varieties
Insulation Class Type D
IP Rating Other
Mass Motor Standard Mass Motor Variations
Material Diverse Material Range
Max Speed Various Max Speed Types
Max. flow rate Different Max. flow rate Range
Max. flow temperature Several Max. flow temperature Variations
Max. pressure Standard Max. pressure Types
Maximum output torque Multiple Maximum output torque Alternatives
Motor type Standard Motor type Variations
Mounting Other
Mounting Type Foot Mount
No of Phase Single Phase
No of Poles 4
Output speed Many Output speed Options
Permissible Load Inertia J Multiple Permissible Load Inertia J Options
Phase Single Phase
Pole Many Pole Alternatives
Power rating Standard Power rating Types
Protection Multiple Protection Alternatives
Pump material Different Pump material Preferences
Pump type Multiple Pump type Alternatives
Rated Power 1.25-2 hp
Rated Speed Numerous Rated Speed Options
Rated Torque Multiple Rated Torque Varieties
Rotation Direction Many Rotation Direction Varieties
Self priming capability Many Self priming capability Variations
Shaft diameter Several Shaft diameter Range
Speed 1501-2000 RPM
Stall Torque Several Stall Torque Variations
Standard Many Standard Options
Starting Torque Motor Shaft Diverse Starting Torque Motor Shaft Types
Usage/Application Many Usage/Application Preferences
Voltage Numerous Voltage Variations

About Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer and Other of Generator, motor, pump, Single Generator, Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd, was incorporated in 1992 with an investment of Below US$1 Million. Having an export rate of almost 5.7 Million USD - 57% of Annual Revenue in recent times, Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd has been fortifying its network as a significant supplier of Single Generator products in different parts of the world. Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd has been operating since 26 year(s). The market share of Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd is approximately around Asia = 28% Europe = 21% Americas = 29% Middle East = 22%. However, Oceanic and European markets remain untouched, but the industry is planning to open its doors in the European and Oceanic market. Fuan TongLi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Beijing, Beijing, China and is a Private Limited entity with Have Own Export License. The industry has been slowly making waves in the export world with its top-quality products and plans to tap some of the most significant markets in Oceania and Europe.

Primary Business Manufacturer
Year of Establishment 1992
Legal Status Private Limited
Yearly Business Turnover Below US$1 Million
Currency Modes United States Dollar,Japanese Yen,Chinese Yuan
Freight Options Delivered at Frontier (DAF),Carriage Paid To (CPT),Cost Insurance & Freight (CIF),Cost & Freight (CFR),Freight on Board (FOB)


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