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Manual Ultrasonic Spot Welder Ultrasonic Mask Spot Welder

Selling Price: USD 2800RMB / factory
Minimum Order Quantity:  1set factory
Shipment Delivery Time:  three days
Shipment Port:  Guangzhou
Currency Options:  RMB
Language Support:   chinese
Certification:  Inquire
Production Capacity: 1000 per month factory
Primary Business:  Manufacturer
Packaging:  Vacuum packing, then carton packing, air transport, land transport or water transport, then wooden box packing
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Manual Ultrasonic Spot Welder Ultrasonic Mask Spot Welder Details

Manual single-spot ultrasonic spot welding machine is used for welding the ear band of the mask, also known as ultrasonic mask spot welding machine. The manual single-spot mask spot welding machine is simple to debug, easy to operate, and has low input cost, firm welding, smooth and beautiful welding spot.

Parameters of ultrasonic spot welding machine are as follows:

product name:Dc manual welder 



Air Supply:0.6MPa.5L/min



 Manufacturer:Dongguan tengdi Electromechanical Technology Co.Ltd

The working principle of:Principle of ultrasonic welding
purpose:Weld the ear belt on both sides of the mask, and weld the disposable face mask ear belt.

Tengdi Electromechanical independently researches and develops and produces mask spot welding machine, manual single point, desktop pedal type, using titanium alloy welding head, a variety of specifications can be customized, frequency: 35K, 28K, power is 800w, external dimensions (including table ) 100cm*52cm*110cm, voltage: 220v, weight (including table) 20KG, air source specification: 0.6MPa.5L/min, power source specification: 220VAC.50HE/5Amax.

About Dongguan Tengdi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd
Business Type: Manufacturer
Country / Region: Guangdong, China
Main Products: Mask Spot Welder, Ultrasonic Spot Welder, Spot Welding Machine, Manual Spot Welder...
Total Annual Revenue: Not Provided
Year of Establishment: 2011
Main Markets: Brazil 10%, India 11%, Indonesia 12%, Pakistan 13%, Thailand 14%, Vietnam 30%,
Manual Ultrasonic Spot Welder Ultrasonic Mask Spot Welder Features

Automation Grade




I Deal In

New and Second Hand

Is It Portable




Output Current

200-300 A

Suitable For Welding Rod


Business Nature


Year Established



Dongguan, China

Main Products

Mask Spot Welder, Ultrasonic Spot Welder, Spot Welding Machine, Manual Spot Welder...

Payment Terms

Doc Against Payment (D/P)

About Dongguan Tengdi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

Dongguan teng di mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD. Is a collection of production research and development design for the integration of temperature controller and ultrasonic spot welding machine manufacturers, the company was established in March 2011, the factory is located in dongguan Wan Jiang district were long sheng commercial building five buildings, our factory focus on production and sales of temperature controller series products: temperature controller series products: P series general temperature controller, programmable thermostat, thermostat valve, setting machine series products: complete sets of control width speed table, textile instruments such as instruments and meters. Products are widely used in textile, metallurgy, electric furnace, metal heat treatment, food, packaging and other machinery fields, its own brand TENDY has successfully established a good reputation and image in the industry with its excellent product quality and considerate service. At the same time, due to the shortage of masks, the technical team of the factory independently developed, designed and produced an ultrasonic spot welder: ultrasonic mask spot welder, manual ultrasonic spot welder, beautiful and firm welding, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. Tendi electromechanical Technology has been increasing the intensity of technological innovation and research and development investment, to produce high-quality control instruments, ultrasonic spot welder as the leading direction, through the professional service system and strong production capacity, to achieve steady growth in scale and efficiency. With high product quality and reasonable price to win the praise of customers at home and abroad, leading the digital display instrument, ultrasonic spot welder in the field of innovation and development, work together with colleagues in the industry for win-win cooperation, create brilliant.

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