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Rekhas House Of Cotton

Rekhas House Of Cotton

India Member Since: 06 Oct, 2020
REKHAS HOUSE OF COTTON PVT LTD 306 Reliance Atria Isidoria Baptista Road, Opp Gold Star hotel ,Goa, INDIA - 403601 Tel :- +91 0832 2710340 M :- +91 7875 999990 Goa, Madgaon, India
Selvyn Alemao

Business Nature


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Year Established


Annual Turnover

USD 5 million


Madgaon, India

Main Products

Duvet Cover, Pillows, Duvet, Blanket

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About Rekhas House Of Cotton

Welcome to the world of Rekhas House of Cotton Rekhas House of Cotton Products reflect Good Design, Casual Elegance and Special Attention to Detail that creates Rekhas House of Cotton Lifestyle. High quality electronically tested 100% cotton yarn has been used which provides maximum absorbency, excellent finish and super soft feel. This collection has been woven on State of the art European machines giving flawless quality. " Extremely Absorbent " Highly Durable " Attractive Colours " Super Soft " European Standard Manufacturing " Extremely Fast Colours " Italian Designs

Rekhas House Of Cotton Products

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