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Buying Urea 46

  • Sourcing Country:United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
  • Required Quantity: Ask From Buyer
  • Posted Date:19 May 2024
  • Expiry Date:13 Jul 2024
  • Buyer Name: David
  • Usage:
    Ask From Buyer
  • Buying Frequency: One Time
  • Email:
  • Approx Order Value:
    Ask From Buyer
  • Quotations Received: 2 Quotes
  • Contact Number:
  • FOB Price:
    Ask From Buyer
  • Time Left: 44 Days
  • Shipping Terms:
    Ask From Buyer
  • Payment Terms: T/T, LC, D/P, PayPal, Western Union
  • Preferred Supplier Country:ChinaChina

RFQ Description

Thank you for your interest in our Urea 46 Granular requirement.We require an initial order of 100,00Mts in 4 shipments of 25,000Mts delivered CIF to HO Chi Min City Vietnam.Our LOI is ready for immediate issue and our LC is fully funded.Please read the below Terms and Conditions and if you can match them EXACTLY then please advise me by return mail with your soft offer price.In your soft offer correspondence please confirm your acceptance of the T&Cs.For your better guidance we will not open our LC on presentation of a 2% Performance Bond.We will negotiate with a fully referenced seller so that we open it upon receipt of items C1 through to C7.I am inundated with offers from apparent sellers agents trying to utilise our LC for their own benefit, i.e. 45 / 60 days of credit but this is not acceptable.Our client is the lead and principal bank behind this transaction and the deal will be done directly with them or via their European Counterpart.Once again thank you for your interest in our requirement.Kind regardsDavid NewmanFOB AgriBank VietnamLOI TERMS 1. The contract is signed and sealed by the seller and buyer2. Buyer establishes non-operative LC within 3 days of signing contract3. The seller establishes the operational performance bond of 2% to buyer account within 3 days of Non-Operative LC. 4. L/C issued by the buyer bank is an irrevocable bank guarantee, transferable, confirmed and negotiable issued by Vietnam National Import-Export Bank covering each shipment.5. Payment shall be made within 3 days upon the presentation of shipping documents and SGS certificate of inspection issued at the port of delivery Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam or 5 days after presentation of shipping documents and SGS certificate of inspection issued at the port of loading6. Prior to the issuance of the LC by the buyers bank, a draft will be provided to the seller.7. Any changes, necessary to conform to the terms agreed in the contract will be negotiated prior to the issuance of the financial instrument by the buyer bank.A /WITHIN THREE (3) BANKING DAYS FROM SIGNING OF THIS CONTRACT, BUYER SHALL ISSUE BY VIETNAM IMPORT AND EXPORT BANK, FOR THE SHIPMENT OF 12.500 M/T AND/OR 25.000 M/T OF UREA, IRREV! OCABLE, TRANSFERABLE, DIVISIBLE, CONFIRMED (REVOLVING-IF MULTI SHIPMENT) LETTER OF CREDIT (L/C) FOR VALUE OFUS $ IF LOTS OF 12.500 M/T OR US $ IF LOTS OF 25.000 M/T. PAYABLE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF DELIEVRY AT HOCHIMINH PORT AFTER SGS ARRIVAL CERTIFICATION ISSUED OR 5 DAYS AFTER ORIGINAL DOCS ARE RECEIVED (see C1 THROUGH TO C7) , - IN US-DOLLAR IN FAVOUR OF SELLER, TO THE SELLER`S BANK, B/SELLER IS TO ISSUE 2% PERFORMANCE BOND TO ACTIVATE THE BUYER L/C (PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT ACCEPT 45 DAY TRANSIT/ DELAY BEFORE SHIP IS LOADED) C/LETTER OF CREDIT TO BE PAYABLE AGAINST PRESENTATION OF ALL RELEVANT DOCUMENTATION AS FOLLOWS: C/1SELLER`S SIGNED COMMERCIAL INVOICE IN 3 ORIGINALS C/2 PACKING LIST ISSUED BY SELLER IN 3 ORIGINALS (BULK SHIPMENT) C/3 FULL SET OF CLEAN ON BOARD BILL OF LADING MADE OUT TO ORDER OF ISSUING BANK, AND NOTIFY TO BUYER C/4 CERTIFICATE OF WEIGHT/ QUANTITY ISSUED BY SGS INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION COMPANY AT LOADING PORT IN 1 ORIGINAL AND 2 COPIES. C/5 CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY ISSUED BY SGS INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION COMPANY AT LOADING PORT IN 1 ORIGINAL AND 2 COPIES. C/6 CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN ISSUED BY AUTHORITIES OF THE RUSSIA AND/OR UKRAINE (CIS) IN 1 ORIGIN AND 2 COPIES. C/7 SELLER`S CERTIFICATE IN 1 ORIGINAL CERTIFYING THAT ONE SET OF NONE NEGOTIABLE SHIPPING DOCUMENTS (INCLUDING ONE ORIGINAL COPY OF B/L) HAS BEEN SENT DIRECTLY TO THE BUYER BY DHL EXPRESS COURIER WITHIN FOUR (4) WORKING DAYS AFTER SHIPMENT EFFECTED. Urea 46, Fertilizer Urea 46

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