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Safe Agritrade Pvt Ltd


Member Since: 2024
Kolkata, India

Company Description

Established in 2013 in Kolkata, India, Safe Agritrade is an international business house that engages in processing, repacking, and exporting various agricultural commodities. Our core strength is our expertise in rice, be it basmati, non-basmati , Jasmine , Camolino or any variety of rice in the world. Just tell us your favorite rice and packaging, and you'll have it. We also export the best quality tamarind paste SHIP BRAND, seedless tamarind, defiber tamarind , Tamarind puree, Tamarind concentrate, and tamarind seed, with Ship Brand as its registered trademark in India. A separate team is dedicated to exporting other categories of products, like Chickpeas, Red chillies, turmeric , millets, cashews , green coffee, dry ginger, etc. In INDIAN rice, we do 1010 long grain parboiled rice, PR11 Golden creamy sella rice, IR64 Parboiled Rice, IR64 long grain white rice, Camolino round rice, jeerakasala rice, jeera rice, gobindobhog rice, fragrant rice, swarna parboiled rice, swarna white rice, 100% broken white rice, sona masoori rice, and Medium grain camolino Rice. In Basmati Rice, we do 1121 basmati rice, 1509 basmati Rice, 1718 basmati rice, 1401 basmati Rice, Pusa basmati rice, etc From our Vietnam Processing unit, we supply long-grain white rice, calrose rice medium-grain, japonica round rice, Jasmine Rice, DT8 Rice, Glutinous rice, etc, and medium-grain camolino rice. Not just quality products, but we also take utmost care of operations. Our objective in international trade has always been to deliver the goods at the right time. Situated just 50 kilometers away from Kolkata port, our location and shipping time have been an added bonus for our clients. 

Company Name Safe Agritrade Pvt Ltd
Business Type Manufacturer
Year Incorporated 2024
Major Selling Products Sunflower Oil
Country India
State West Bengal,
City Kolkata,
Business Address 17,Crooked Lane Kolkata 700069
Zipcode 700069
Contact Person Sujit Das
Designation AGM
Chief Executive Officer Sujit Das
Import & Export License Yes
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Buyer Interactions

Response Rate 30%

Safe Agritrade Pvt Ltd has responded 30% of buyers within 24 hours in past 30 days.

Response Time less than 42h

Safe Agritrade Pvt Ltd average response time in past 7 days is less than 42h.

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Sujit Das
17,Crooked Lane Kolkata 700069, West Bengal, Kolkata, India
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