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Shaghai Changbo Filter Material CO, LTD

Shaghai Changbo Filter Material CO, LTD

China Member Since: 11 Jun, 2018
N Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Warehouse & Packaging

Shaghai Changbo Filter Material CO, LTD is already earning a big name as Factory of quality products being exported in different parts of the world and generates millions of profits through it. The manufacturing plant area of Shaghai Changbo Filter Material CO, LTD is around Approx 2400 Yards while the company’s manufacturing output is Upto 4,500,000 US Dollar yearly proving that their success is directed towards their top-quality sales and pricing strategies. Until now, Shaghai Changbo Filter Material CO, LTD has surpassed 4900000 $ resulting in the highest manufacturing value achieved by the company. The company has affluently acquired 20 OEM contracts in 2017 showing why they have been so successful in recent times. In 2017, they attained 9 own brand contracts and 20 buyer label contracts, proving to the world their power and hunger to supply quality materials to their valuable customers. Having 5 production units as of now, Shaghai Changbo Filter Material CO, LTD has 1 large, 1 medium and 3 small-sized production units each with an export team size of 8 People Approximately people in total managing the day-to-day operations and assisting the customers effectively with a feedback rating of 5-Average. The best part about the company is that their general response SLA time is usually within 2 Business Days - Responsive hours with qualified customer service representatives conversing with the clients in English, Chinese.

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N, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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