Shanghai Win Mining International Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Win Mining International Co.,Ltd

China Member Since: 17 Apr, 2019
Jilong No1 Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Packaging and Transportation

Over the years, the company has developed into a Factory having a manufacturing plant area occupying over Approx 2400 Yards. The company boasts annual manufacturing output worth Upto 80,000,000 US Dollar and highest yearly manufacturing value achieved over the time is around 80300000 $. Company’s credibility can be assessed by successful contracts in the year 2017. 1 contracts associated with original equipment (OEM), 28 own brand contracts and 13 buyer label contracts are some of the prominent contributors in the company’s credible portfolio. The overall production facility is comprised of 4 current production units, 2 large scale production unit, 1 medium scale production unit and 1 small scale production unit. The company’s export operations are managed by 16 People Approximately people and the customer service feedback is rated 8-Good. The highly responsive SLA within 3 Business Days – Response With Delay working day and English, Chinese language support are other elements behind customer satisfaction.

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Jilong No1, Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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