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Thai Orchids Co.,ltd.

Thai Orchids Co.,ltd.

Thailand Member Since: 26 Sep, 2020
254 MOO5 BUA-NGAM, DUMNOEN SADUAK, RATCHABURI , Thailand Ratchaburi, Damnoen Saduak, Thailand

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Legal Status

private company

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Damnoen Saduak, Thailand

Main Products

Potplant and Cut Flower, Orchid

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Payment Terms

Cash, Western Union (WU), Bank wire (T/T)

About Thai Orchids Co.,ltd.

THAI ORCHIDS CO.,LTD. IS ONE OF THE TOP ORCHIDS EXPORTER IN THAILAND, Since over 30" years of hard work and diligence, Thai Orchids Co. has been going through the breeding development process combined with solid commitment to QUALITY & PERFECTION which resulted in a major breakthrough on a world wide scale.We pride ourselves with a wide Customer Basecovering more than 100 Overseas Solid Clients.Though we do not believe in limiting our presence,we nevertheless highlight areas and regions where we prevail and spread across the globe; where in YOU CAN FIND US in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, and last but not the least in the Middle East Area & GCC regent.Ensured with farsightedness the business idea of providing full exportation services of FRESHCUT ORCHIDS to potential Clients & Customers where and as applicable. TOC Nursery or TOC 750.000 Squire M, farm is located in Ratchaburi Province where it is suitable for orchids to grow.We own our Laboratory and tailored it for the research and development of new breeds, flowers plus other relevant items to meet customer requirements. Trust we care for your career and your future.

Main Markets

United StatesUnited States(30%)

Products Groups

Orchid Big White Jumbo
Price: Inquire

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