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The auto and transportation sector is one of the major economic and industrial forces worldwide. Despite the environmental concerns, this industry manufactured over 92 million vehicles in 2019, generating the highest revenue among all other industries. The automotive sector alone employs over 4 million people, keeping a powerful influence and significance globally. According to a report, 6.1% of all the jobs in the European Union are generated by the auto industry, both directly and indirectly. Auto and transportation manufacturers and suppliers are spread across the globe.

Role of Auto and Transportation Industry Manufacturers

Over the years, the automobile industry has played a very significant role in not only establishing itself as a driving force but also powering other industries that are linked to it. For instance, there is a massive supplier business for each of the automobiles, spare parts, and used parts that are sold both by companies and third-party suppliers. Besides, the auto and transportation industry also benefits various manufacturing plants that design spare parts and automobile arrangements from scratch. Other than brands and high-end auto giants, there is an enormous cycle of auto and transportation exporters, suppliers, and manufacturers that profit from the automobile and transportation industry overall. 

The automobile industry other than comprising manufacturing plants involves assembling plants and part plants globally. In terms of economic development, each of the two contributes to 60% of the vehicle value while generating 3.5 times as many workers as in the manufacturing and sales unit. In the USA alone, spare part plants have doubled in numbers in just the last five years, playing a significant role in boosting the world economy and helping auto and transportation manufacturers and automobile parts suppliers all across the world. With parts ready and furbished, manufacturing companies are finding it easier to prepare a vehicle through just-in-time manufacturing within 2-3 months.

History and Background

The automotive industry is almost 100 years old. From starting its roots in France and Germany and later stepping foot in the USA, vehicle manufacturing and production carried on as demand rose over the years. From simple electronic vehicles and manually powered cars to self-driving robots, the industry has come a long way. Vehicle production, efficiency, features, and safety embedment have all grown with the demand and choices of consumers. The sizes, vehicle power, and metrics change as trends change with time. Later in the 20th century, with mass production and massive consumption, the automotive industry was titled “The Industry of Industries”.

Performance over the years, despite the automobile industry ruling for decades, has witnessed stalling growth and production. With many giants announcing the closure of their manufacturing plants across the UK, China, and Japan, the industry is now seeing a slump in demand and a range of production challenges. Here’s why:

  • Firstly, there has been comparatively lower demand for automobiles because of the recent economic recessions, Covid-19 pandemic, trade tariffs, and high taxes.

  • Secondly, after the recent tensions and aftermath of global warming, car firms are seeing a major drop-off in their productions since emissions have made consumers less inclined to make purchases.

However, with electric cars now becoming popular in demand, thanks to companies like Tesla and Audi, the demand for such cars will surely give a significant rise to this industry in the years to come.

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