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Beauty and personal care products are made to beautify, cleanse, and improve our appearance. Skincare is not a fashion of today, as a matter of fact, people in the past and every civilization have been using different skincare and cosmetics to preserve and beautify their skin. This naturally gives us enough evidence that this is an ancient need. Beauty and personal care manufacturers and suppliers have actively been introducing new trends within this industry for years.

During the late 19th century, women in Western nations would secretly wear make make-up crafted from domestic products since makeup was supposed to be the primary domain of female celebrities. In the 20th century, cosmetics and skincare products for the first time were openly put up for sale, and during the second world war when people were celebrating the return of their loved ones, the rise in the sales for cosmetics and skincare products surged which continues to flourish until now.

How the Beauty and Personal Care Industry is presently

Being beauty and personal care products manufacturers, suppliers, or exporters, you work in an industry encountering uncountable expansions/growths globally. The personal care and cosmetics industry brags about nearly 750 leading organizations that manufacture and produce affiliated revenue of about $40 billion per annum. Fifty of the most prominent beauty and personal care suppliers produce around 70% of the global revenue. However, the market will endure stiff competition from small and medium-sized firms that can provide a personalized product or target a specific target audience. Some of the renowned leaders in the industry include organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Alberto-Culver, Colgate-Palmolive, L’Oréal, Avon, Revlon, P&G, and Parlux Fragrances, Inc. Organizations within the industry manufacture, formulate, and sell a vast range of cosmetics and personal care items:

  • According to an estimated report, deodorant, makeup, and nail products incorporate about 33 percent of the beauty and healthcare revenue within the industry.

  • Mouthwashes, perfumes, shaving items, and other products comprise about 21 percent of the revenue for cosmetics and personal care products.

  • Similarly, hair care products generate about 25 percent of the entire revenue, with lotions and creams generating about 21 percent.

Market Trends and Statistics:

As per the report prepared by Lucintel, the beauty and personal care industry is predicted to reach about $135 billion by the end of 2021, with countless opportunities in sun protection, anti-aging, body lotion, and multi-functional skin cream increasing at a considerable speed. Facial products, in particular, are forecasted to surpass its above-average growth in the coming years, and skincare lotions and creams that provide double-duty—for instance, amalgamating anti-aging properties and sun protection will enhance the market as well. Some of the current market trends regarding the skincare and cosmetics industry are as follows:

1)        Organic Skincare Products on the Loose

More customers are pursuing free form and natural products when shopping for beauty and personal care products, with the trend damaging the skincare market. The organically manufactured and produced skincare products market is predicted to improve its CAGR of ten percent from 2016 to 2025, as per the report predicted by Grand View Research. Expanding disposable income as well as changing the lifestyles of the customers are assisting to improve the market for organic skincare; however, the costs for high manufacturing products are a preventing factor.

2)        Better & Improved Anti-Aging Products

Given the expanding aging population all over the world, it’s not a surprise that many cosmetics and skincare companies are focusing their attention on the anti-aging market. The demand for anti-aging lotions, creams, and other products is on a high, but the good news for customers is that the efficacy of the anti-aging products has been revamped.

3)        Facial Oils–Another Trend in the Market

If you are planning to connect face oil with breakouts, then think again. Exclusive facial oils are now being sold in improved but in small bottles manufactured and produced to cater to particular skin problems like wrinkles and dry skin. Facial oils at times have anti-inflammatory antioxidants and properties, which play an essential role in stopping the face from being damaged by harmful elements.

4)        South Korean Cosmetics Industry

More and more customers from around the world are exploring the options and privileges provided by the beauty and personal care manufacturers from the South Korean market and grabbing multi-step solutions for improved facial beauty and glow. K-beauty is the most renowned trend currently revolving around the United States and the world for some years now, as per the reports generated by Kline & Company, Inc. Cosmetics and personal care products from South Korea since 2011 have enlarged from the United States retailers online and beauty shops into merchandizing a vast range of products. Some significant shops in this regard are Target and Sephora.

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