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Source From Global Children Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers

Price: USD 145.00 /Piece
Min. Order: 400

Athens Single Bunk Beds from INTERCONEXAO COMÉRCIO | Model: ASBB-***751 | Price: $145.00 Per Piece | Minimum Order Quantity: 400 Piece | Delivery Time: 1-2 Business Days | Shipping Port: Sao Paulo | Packaging: Standard

  • Response Rate: 79%
  • Currency: BRL,USD
  • Language: English, Portuguese
  • Contact Person: Jackson Mews
  • Payment Modes: Bank wire (T/T)
  • Product: Bunk Beds
BR 1 Year
Address: Estrada de Itapecerica 2006 Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil

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