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Exporganic S.A.

Exporganic S.A.

Ecuador Member Since: 29 Jul, 2020
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Jimmy Teran

Exporganic S.A. Credibility Report

Company Name Exporganic S.A.
Business Type Manufacturer
Year Incorporated 2001
Total Employees 501 - 1000 People
Major Selling Products Organic Bananas, Organic Cacao, cacao beans, Caven
Contact Person Jimmy Teran
Country Ecuador
City Guayaquil
Business Address , Guayaquil, Ecuador
Website Address/URL
Business License Number Confidential
Export License Registration No Will be provided on request
Export License Type Own Lisence

Exporganic S.A. Satisfaction Index

Export History

20 Years - 11% - 20% Exports

Supplier Credibility Index

(3.1 Stars)

Industry Reputation

(1 Stars)

Overall Ratings

Very Satisfied 37 Reviews
Supplier Service
Very Satisfied
On-time Shipment
Very Satisfied
Product Quality
Organic Cacao Beans
22 Jan 2021
Organic Cacao Beans
3.2 (11 Reviews)
United Kingdom
Organic Cacao Beans
16 Jan 2021
Organic Cacao Beans
3 (26 Reviews)
Jimmy Teran
Guayaquil, Ecuador
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