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The fashion industry is incomplete without the individuals who comprise it. The people involved in doing this wondrous task of incorporating parts of style, different cultures, and tastes with apparel. There would be no business if it weren’t for this significant distinction between apparel and fashion. Apparel, by definition, is a form of functional clothing while fashion is all about adding a sense of style to it. When we see the fashion industry overall, it is this massive business from the apparel industry and clothing to manufacturing, designing, and selling to consumers, fashion retailers, and luxury brands. Not to mention all the gear equipment, shoes, textile products, and accessories that go along with this.

History and Background

It all started in the 19th century when manufacturers began to manufacture loosely fitted garments. Since basic clothing was a necessity, people only preferred what fulfilled their basic needs. Fashion didn’t come into play late until the 20th century when during world wars, countries needed uniforms, gear equipment, and clothing that represented their social and cultural identity. With time, the fashion accessories suppliers grew from being just a necessity into large establishments of textile productions, giving more advantage to designers, fashion accessories manufacturers, and exporters. By 1913, fashion was not just a luxury but also an actual profession, which was visible largely in France, UK, and the USA.

Evolving Stages of the Fashion Accessories Industry

For most of the 20th century, we saw new fashion trends, changing styles, and designer stores coming into existence. One thing was sure–the industry kept its evolution despite low investment profits and hard working conditions. By the later 1930s, ready-made clothes replaced most of the custom-made clothing with all sorts of apparel being made–designer, casual, industrial, uniforms, and costumes. The industry during its developing years did not just strengthen but expanded too. At one end, where we saw an enormous manufacturing industry, there was a supply and trade business carried out at the other end. Large-scale textile suppliers, fashion accessories manufacturers, gear suppliers, and shoe exporters were all benefiting from this massive cycle of production and trade.

Role of the Fashion Accessories Industry

The fashion accessories industry has an important contribution to the world economy. 30% of the jobs worldwide are in textile manufacturing and designing, while the rest are in fashion, styling, and accessories. Some of its major significances to society include:

•             Production of Clothing

Clothing is one of the most basic human requirements. The fashion accessories manufacturers produce clothing that we use almost everywhere—in the form of uniforms, canvases, accessories, bedding, and whatnot.

•             Employment

It employs laborers on so many levels. Be it in factories, textile production, designing, packaging, garment-producing, and trading. Not to mention, all the other industries that are linked to it, such as art, finances, technology, textiles, and public relations.

Other than the above, the fashion industry is an immense platform that brings out creativity and innovation amongst individuals–“There’d be no colors in the world if it did not exist”.

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