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Fast Bunkering Ltd (c/o NT Bunkering)

Fast Bunkering Ltd (c/o NT Bunkering)

Latvia Member Since: 28 Sep, 2020
Ezera 22, Riga, Latvija Riga, Riga, Latvia
Aleksey Goloscapovs

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Riga, Latvia

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Marine Fuels

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About Fast Bunkering Ltd (c/o NT Bunkering)

We are glad to introduce "Fast Bunkering" & "NT Bunkering" Holding, the bunker supplier which carry out deliveries in main trading areas within Kattegat and Baltic sea with all kind of bunker and lub.oil products, such as Gasoil DMA 0,1%, IFO380, IFO180, RMD80 (sulphur content max 0,1%) and also VLSFO (sulphur content max 0,5%). Backed up by strategic alliance with oil traders in Baltic, our company always has a very good full range availability of high quality fuel and lub.oil products that can be supplied by ex-pipe, by barge or by trucks. For today our clients are such well known companies as Maersk A/S, J.Lauritzen A/S, Minerva Marine, SCF Group and etc. This can signify about our liability and trust. Fast Bunkering also represents such bunker suppliers as “NT Bunkering” and “Saurix Kuras” - bunker inquires for these Companies can be submitted via Fast Bunkering under same terms & conditions.


Marine Gas Oil/ DMA
Grade LSMGO DMA ISO 8217:2010
$+15$ / + 25$ on ICE per metric ton / MT
30 mt MT (Min. Order)

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