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The gifts and crafts industry design a range of products that represent a particular culture, tradition, or heritage of a country. It is one of the most productive industries. It is not just diversified but also a substantial contributor to the global economy. Crafts are defined as products, which are made completely by handwork, or with minimal use of tools. The crafts industry belongs to the traditional sector of arts and crafts that involves producing goods with one’s hand and skill, including the use of textiles, rigid materials, on various fibers or paper. Many of the traditional craft industries in India produce things with their hands so people can meet their daily needs.

Gifts and Crafts Industry Background

The global market for gifts and crafts was worth US$35 billion and is expected to grow up to US$50.9 billion in 2024 as demands and consumption rates are multiplying. In industries where work is done on a relatively larger scale, the use of tools and machines is also very common. However, in the case of handicrafts, most of the work is done by labor. Its production requires plenty of focus, hand-eye coordination, and strong concentration levels. This is the reason why the employed working force is hired after a series of tests so they produce products with quality and dedication. Craft products compared to other decorative are unique as each craft worker applies their different level of skill and strength. They may involve products made with wood, bamboo, jute, willow, hard fabrics, and canvases. Alternatively, the gifts industry comprises of jewelry sets, fashion bags, glass showpieces, flowers, candle holders, glassware, mirrors, and other gift accessories.

Gift and craft manufacturers play a vital role in a country’s economic development. With its regular manufacture and supply, they become a medium for foreign revenue, investments, and various employment opportunities in the region. Most gift and craft suppliers are based in;

  • India

  • China

  • Afghanistan

  • Pakistan

Since labor is easily available in these nations and handicrafts represent most of the South Asian cultural heritage.

Gifts and Crafts Manufacturers - Distribution and End Use

Several distribution channels through which the majority of the products are distributed categorize the global gifts and crafts industry. Mass retailers who sell a variety of products at lower or discounted prices distribute most of them. Other channels include:

  • Mass retailers

  • Independent retailers

  • Online stores

  • Departmental stores

  • Specialty stores

After being sold by mass retailers, the products are used both for commercial and residential purposes. The residential sector dominates most of the end-user usage. It is further used for home accessories, furniture, jewelry, home décor, and other textiles.

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