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JINAN MOTI Industrial Co.,Ltd

JINAN MOTI Industrial Co.,Ltd

China Member Since: 09 Sep, 2020
Floor East Ring International Plaza Tower A,Licheng District,Jinan,Shangdong,China Shandong, Jinan, China
Phoenix Chen

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Jinan, China

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Pipe/Sheet Punching Cutting Bending Machine, Pipe/Sheet Processing Machine (Pipe Drilling Machine, Copper Busbar processing (bending punching and cutting), Chamfering Machine. )

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About JINAN MOTI Industrial Co.,Ltd

JINAN MOTI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD was Founded in 2005, we dedicated Special Purpose Machine for Copper Busbar processing (bending punching and cutting),Pipe/Sheet Processing Machine (Pipe Drilling Machine, Pipe/Sheet Punching Cutting Bending Machine, Chamfering Machine. ) in China. We have earned an excellent reputation in both domestic & international market in the past decade. With many years more of experiences in selling more than 30000 sets of Special Purpose Machine for Copper Busbar/Pipe/Steel Sheet Processing Machine , we can meet the market requirements in every aspect. Our R & D engineers can modify the machine for special demands from our clients & our service engineers offer a instant after-service upon request. Our R&D division engineers are not only to develop the software to meet the global customer different requirements, but also revise and upgrade the existing software to be more efficient and friendly-use. We consistent goal is to provide all the clients could operate our machines as easy as possible.


MOTI-30-3NC CNC Busbar Machine
$8300 / $
1 $ (Min. Order)
MOTI-30-3NC CNC Busbar Machine
MOTI-30-3NC CNC Busbar machine from JINAN MOTI Industrial Co.,Ltd | Model: MCBM-655459474 | Price: $8300 Per $ | Minimum Order Quantity: 1 $ | Delivery Time: 2-3 Business Days | Shipping Port: Shandong | Packaging: Standard | Capacity: high volume | Certification: fsc | Rating: 3.2 (28 reviews).
$8300 / $
1 $ (Min. Order)

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