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Best Seling Stainless Steel Round Steel Manufacturer

Selling Price: USD 888 / Kilogram
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Kilogram
Shipment Delivery Time:  7-50 Days
Shipment Port:  Shenzhen,Tianjin,Shanghai.China
Language Support:   English, Chinese
Certification:  Inquire
Production Capacity: 10,0000 Ton/Tons per Year Kilogram
Primary Business:  Manufacturer
Packaging:  According to requirement from customers.
Preferred Payment Method:
Best Seling Stainless Steel Round Steel Manufacturer Details

Features Of Stainless Steel Round Steel

  • It has a bright and smooth surface with clear texture.
  • Has high strength and high temperature oxidation resistance.
  • Has excellent mechanical properties.
  • Long service life and wide application.
  • Made by cold drawing, hot rolling or cold rolling process, surface treatment can be carried out according to different requirements.
  • The main component of stainless steel round steel contains chromium, which has high corrosion resistance.

Applications Of Stainless Steel Round Bars


Through surveys with customers who purchase stainless steel from Songshun stainless steel round bar manufacturer, the following points are where the stainless steel they purchase is often used:

Decoration and parts: Stainless steel round steel is often used to make decorative components such as doors, windows, handrails, and stairs. It is also used to make parts such as auto parts, aircraft parts, bearings, drive shafts, and connectors.

Equipment: It is widely used in making reactors, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, pipes, heat exchangers and valves, etc.

Kitchen supplies: Some of our common kitchen supplies, including knives, stainless steel tableware, tableware, stainless steel pots, etc. are all made of stainless steel.

The Process Of Stainless Steel Round Bar Manufacturer


As a professional stainless steel round bar manufacturer, Songshun conducts every step of the manufacturing process strictly.

(1) Preparation and process of raw materials: Select high-quality stainless steel raw materials that meet the requirements, and adjust the size of the round steel as needed through cold drawing, hot rolling or cold rolling processes.

(2) Heat treatment: Through tempering, solid solution, quenching and other treatments, the internal stress of stainless steel round steel is eliminated and its performance is improved.

(3) Surface treatment: Polishing, pickling, shot blasting, etc. can be used to improve the surface quality and finish of stainless steel and obtain a smooth and bright appearance.

(4) Cutting and correction: The size and shape of the stainless steel round steel are cut and corrected through the finishing process to ensure the consistency of the size and shape.

(5) Quality inspection and packaging: Strictly conduct comprehensive quality inspection, including appearance inspection, chemical composition analysis, mechanical performance analysis, etc. Finally, it is packaged according to the customer’s needs to prevent damage.


About Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd.
Business Type: Manufacturer
Country / Region: Guangdong, China
Main Products: Steel...
Total Annual Revenue: Not Provided
Year of Establishment: Not Provided
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Dongguan, China

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About Dongguan Songshun Mould Steel Co., Ltd.

Why Songshun Steel always be the best choice for all kinds of industry applications? Our expert engineer team will work with you to find the best steel material and technical help to help you achieve a favorable return on your investment. After almost 20 years of development and growth, Songshun Steel becomes one comprehensive special steel factory, stockist and exporter. The mold steel, tool steel, alloy steel and high speed steel are our main products, they are widely used in military industry, nuclear power, aviation, marine engineering, oil exploration, construction, heavy equipment and so on. What We Provide Songshun Steel offers everything you need for your steel needs, including steel round bar, steel plate, steel coil, mold steel, tool steel, high speed steel, alloy steel for industry applications. full range of steel grades and types with thousands of tons of stock. Steel Manufacturing & Test High quality is the first standard of our production, our Songshun steel in strict accordance with international standards for quality inspection, the establishment of a globally recognized quality system, with a variety of advanced testing equipment, including ultrasonic flaw detection instrument, spectrometer, hardness tester,  

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