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Looking For Hotel Furniture Bed Headboard Dresser Mirror Desk Chair

  • Sourcing Country:United StatesUnited States
  • Required Quantity: Ask From Buyer
  • Posted Date:29 May 2024
  • Expiry Date:18 Jul 2024
  • Buyer Name: Baumann
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  • Buying Frequency: One Time
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  • Approx Order Value:
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  • Quotations Received: 11 Quotes
  • Contact Number:
  • FOB Price:
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  • Time Left: 28 Days
  • Shipping Terms:
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  • Payment Terms:
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  • Preferred Supplier Country:ChinaChina

RFQ Description

Dear, I am Line Baumann located in Shanghai in charge of the purchasing department for the designer Serenité Luxury Monaco. We create top-quality outdoor and indoor furniture with impeccable finishes that have made a reputation for the brand. Sérénité Luxury Monaco has been working since 2006 to upscale contemporary furniture, create fully-modular design and find out the best options for all your indoors and outdoors. The design concepts are developed in order to enable significant use of high performance material and technical innovations that ensures a long furniture life: bad weather and UV insensitivity, tensile strength, resistance to chemicals and staining, long-term color stability speak for the quality of our products. Today, we are looking for a new top quality manufacturer in order to produce our product. I am contacting you in order to exchange with you about a potential business together. If you can please inform us more about your company, what you produce, your volume per year… Thank you in advance for your reply,

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