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  • Sourcing Country:Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
  • Required Quantity: Ask From Buyer
  • Posted Date:09 Apr 2024
  • Expiry Date:21 May 2024
  • Buyer Name: bluemax65
  • Usage:
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  • Buying Frequency: One Time
  • Email:
  • Approx Order Value:
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  • Quotations Received: 4 Quotes
  • Contact Number:
  • FOB Price:
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  • Time Left: 35 Days
  • Shipping Terms:
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  • Payment Terms: T/T, LC, D/P, PayPal, Western Union
  • Preferred Supplier Country:ChinaChina

RFQ Description

Gentlemen: I am a wholesale importer of new and used aftermarket tires for the market of the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. It is my intent to finalize a long term agreement with a supplier, preferably with an original equipment manufacturer of tires (OEM) capable of meeting the requirements of the market and be willing to modify the traditional way of doing business in order to open a new and profitable common relationship. A business transaction that is good for one party and not for the other is not a good business transaction; therefore, it must be equally beneficial. I am looking for a long term relationship with a shipment of similar sizes every two weeks and with increase frequency as the tires get acceptance in the market. Used tires is a secondary interest in the event that a reasonable price for a new tires cannot be negotiated. The intended market for new or used tires have the potential for a 500,000 to 1,000,000 tire per year ranging from passenger cars of selected size series from 13 to 22 and truck, buses, heavy equipment of selected size series. All tires must meet DOT requirement of markings and compliance. All tires must be of the highest quality to ensure the development of public perception of dependable long wear tire by developing a new brand recognition.Should we must entertain the used tire aftermarket because no suitable prices for the introduction of the new Chinese brand to the market in the Caribbean can be identified, used tires must be of the highest quality of not less than 6/32 of usable life.Please quote prices of 40 containers FOB port of embarkation holding 1,250 tires with price range of new tires as follows:Identifying the price for each 13 size series available of Radial tires. If the price for all size 13 is the same, indicate so.Repeat the same information for sizes 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22If you are an OEM of tires please include in your quote a disclosure of your LT , trucks, busses and heavy equipment tires that you produce or have access to and for what equipment, such as dump truck, low boy, cargo truck, cab truck, front wheel loader, diggers, earth movers, and the best disclosure of prices.Please provide a disclosure of the tires manufacturer if the quote is not from an OEM. Also provide the location of the shipping point.The Caribbean is not affected by snow therefore snow tires are not acceptable as part of any container. I cannot buy what I cannot sale. I will make arrangements for travel to complete the contract arrangements in person for purchase upon receiving your information. I do not speak mandarin or any other Chinese dialect, therefore, I need to know if you will have someone in your party fluent in English or Spanish. I also need to know if you will accept payment by credit card or what other form of payment; cashier checks, western union, pay pall, Google pay etc. NO LETTERS OF CREDITS AT THIS POINT.Looking forward to hearing

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