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Find International Buyers With ExportHub Today!

Are you thirsty for global buyers? Well, who isn’t! All B2B sellers spend most of their precious time hunting down B2B buyers to do business with. However, this isn’t a morning walk in the park.

Even if you do get your hands on an international buyer’s list, it doesn’t mean that all global buyers named in this directory are authentic. Many fraudulent list providers are circulating the industry that provide fake data. Chances are, the first few may be real B2B buyers, but as the list continues you’ll come across counterfeit contact details that lead you to nowhere.

Are you wondering how you can play safe and avoid falling for such frauds? Our advice to you is, trust Exporthub. Exporthub is an online B2B marketplace where buyers meet sellers. By registering your B2B company with this website, you’ll get complete access to a verified and official international buyer’s directory. With the help of this list, you can interact and connect with global buyers without actually setting foot outside your local borders. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are a few key benefits of signing up at Exporthub to find buyers.

Save Online Marketing Costs

As a B2B organization, I’m pretty sure you are aware of the expenditure of running an effective digital marketing campaign. That includes the so-called free social media marketing myth, which isn’t true at all!

However, if you want to gain an online presence and get noticed by other international businesses, all you need to do is register as a buyer or seller on this B2B marketplace. As soon as you finish the sign-up procedure, all your contact details will get published for millions of businesses to see. – A great way to gain a presence within no time!

By buying offers, you reduce the time duration it used to take you to find a potential buyer or seller. Businesses that offer services in facilitating companies with trade offers notify you with an email, call or even an SMS whenever another organization shows interest in doing business with you. Imagine the time you’ll save by receiving such updates!


Exporthub makes sure all buyers and sellers who wish to spread their business across their borders get a fair chance. With the help of the international buyer's list, I’m pretty sure you’ll easily build new business relations with these contacts. In addition, Exporthub’s money-back guarantee ensures that your investment is in safe hands and won’t go to waste. Sign up today to guide your business to success.

Sign Up as Premium Sellers

Do you really want to spend money on getting noticed? Well, this B2B portal will give you this opportunity as well. All you have to do is register your business as a premium member. With a minimal charge, you’ll receive exclusive benefits. In addition, your brand name will show up in the top positions for the products you have. A tremendous one-off deal to rank on this platform!

There are four different packages you can choose from. Each package holds its specific key features to help your business become a recognized B2B company.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's


It’s true that new businesses always struggle at the start to find buyers. It takes months of hard work and dedication to become a recognized authentic supplier. However, if you register your business on ExportHub, you instantly get listed on this B2B marketplaces. Not only will global buyers see your contact details and products available online, but you can also reach out to these international buyers and connect with them to close your first deal.

Yes, of course, it is! All businesses go through a verification process before getting listed on this B2B portal. Exporthub carefully goes through all the contact details of a specific company to maintain authenticity on the network.

If you have the resources to reach out to buyers from all corners of the planet, then there is no one stopping you. After signing up, you are free to connect with all global buyers that are related to your industry.

Exporthub’s premium services are without any doubt beneficial. All premium sellers get featured in the product categories relevant to their niche. That means, instead of you making an effort to find buyers, they are the ones who’ll come to you. The best part is that Exporthub lets you choose which premium service you’d like. So choose wisely and experience exposure like never before.

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