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Can You Buy Wholesale Products From China in 2021?


China is known to be a manufacturing superpower, producing an immense proportion of the world’s wholesale products. The primary reason behind this is that since the Chinese economy is rapidly developing, the average manufacturing cost is quite lower than any other nation across the globe. Chinese wholesalers are known to provide customized goods at reasonable prices.


However, the real challenge businesses face in dealing with Asian wholesalers is finding the right one without actually having to go there. Not all companies have the budget to travel to China in search for China wholesale suppliers. That’s where a foreign B2B marketplace like ExportHub steps in.


Exporthub is a B2B marketplace that is dedicated to helping global buyers buy wholesale from China. By signing up to this B2B platform, you get access to a verified listing filled with China wholesale suppliers. With all contact details in front of you, you can connect with these Asian wholesalers to buy wholesale from China without setting foot outside your country.


Can Chinese Wholesalers be Trusted?


Even though China has emerged to become one of the cheapest wholesale product’s suppliers in the world, many people believe that the quality of these products is also minimal in contrast to its price. If that’s true then why would top brands like Nike, Adidas, Motorola and Apple have their products manufactured in China?


China has a flexible manufacturing industry from which international buyers can get wholesale products according to the price they are willing to pay. Therefore, the quality of products will also be according to the amount you are willing to pay. However, we still can’t deny the fact that due to lower manufacturing cost, no country in the world can offer you wholesale products cheaper than China.


How to Get a Chinese Wholesale Suppliers List?


If you don’t have the time, experience or budget to travel to the world’s most populated country, then it’s better to use an authentic Chinese wholesale supplier’s listing. With the help of this list, you can reach out to some of the top Asian wholesalers to buy wholesale products in bulk. However, you can’t trust every China wholesale supplier’s list you find on the internet. The internet is flooded with fake contact details and data which revolve around cyber threats. However, if you register your business at a reliable B2B marketplace, the Chinese wholesaler contact details offered will be authentic and verified. All you have to do is find the ones relevant to your industry and fetch them an email or call.


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Here are a few ways to verify Asian Wholesalers;

  • Use Google to run a background check of the company
  • Talk with their customer support to test their availability
  • Request for wholesale product samples
  • Check if they are listed on Exporthub’s Chinese wholesaler's listing

China is popularly known for manufacturing products most cost-effectively. That means you’ll experience a significant rise in your gross profit after getting wholesale products imported from China. In addition, with the state of the art technology and cheap labour available in China, no country in the world can compete with them in producing high-quality goods faster and at a lower average cost then this nation.

That solely depends on which China wholesale supplier you are dealing with. On the other hand, it also depends on the number of units and types of product you order. While finalizing a deal, you are free to discuss this clause with the supplier.

If yes, then that would be great at decreasing your cost, but it’s difficult to find these Chinese manufacturers without actually going there. However, if you’ve signed up at an international B2B marketplace, then you can use this platform to find Chinese manufacturers and connect with them directly.

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