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Yellow Corn

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Yellow Corn

ISO Specification: NON-GMO-GRADE - Grade #1 YELLOW CORN (Human Consumption) Product Specifications: Moisture 14.5% Max Damaged kernel 5.0% Max (Include heat damaged kernels 0.2%Max) BCFM ( Broken Kernel & Foreign Material) 3% Max Total Aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2) under 15ppb (Including Aflatoxin B1 under 10ppb) Deoxynivalenol 2mg/kg Max Zearalenone 200 μg/kg Ochratoxin A 5μg/kg Total Fumonisin (B1+B2) under 4mg/kg Test Weight 69.5kg/hl(min) : US(54.7 lb./bu) Protein : 9.0% min. Packaging & Delivery Packaging: 50kg Delivery/Lead Time: FOB Production Capacity: 10,000 MT Product Description Admixture : 2.5% max. Aflatoxin Total : 20.0% max. Hectoliters : 72 Kc max. Humidity : 14.5% max. Weight of Bushel/lbs : 54 min. Radiation : None Other Grains : 1.5% max. Other Natural Colour : 5.0% max. Type Varity : 5.0% max.

Product Specifications
Selling Price:
USD 230-420 / MT
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity):
2x 40 FCL
Packaging Options:
As Per Customer Need

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