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Asia Nama CNG Cylinder (ANCC)

Asia Nama CNG Cylinder (ANCC)

Iran Member Since: 26 Mar, 2021
Tehran.Iran Tehran, Tehran, Iran

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Tehran, Iran

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About Asia Nama CNG Cylinder (ANCC)

Established in 2014 Asia Nama CNG Cylinder (ANCC) has grown rapidly to become the pioneering manufacturer and solution providers for transportation and storage of high pressure industrial gases and compressed natural gases. The expanding range of Seamless Steel cylinders manufactured by ANCC have earned a global reputation for their high standard of quality & compliance to the most stringent specifications laid down by international bodies and local authorities. ANCC has plants located in Iran having a total production capacity to manufacture over 300.000 cylinders every year. With the widest range of cylinders from 35 to 135 liters. AN CC today is the largest producer and industry leader of CNG cylinders in middle east. Compressed Natural Gas as an alternative fuel for automobiles is becoming exceedingly popular worldwide due to its economic advantage and low pollution characteristics. ANCC not only cater to the retrofit CNG market requirements for all vehicles but also supply to leading OEMs. ANCC has obtained manufacture licenses of cylinders issued by Iran government authorities, and we can produce cylinders conforming to ISO 11439, ECE RllO and ISIRI 7598. In addition, ANCC also provide cups(semi finished) of CNG cylinders. Asia Nama CNG cylinders undergo stringent pressure cyclic testing to assess the fatigue strength, usage life, safety & reliability for application under rough, tough & extreme climatic conditions. Cylinders for CNG Vehicles Because compressed natural gas (CNG) is clean-burning and economical, it's finding increasing use in vehicles in countries around the world. Authorities are also promoting its use because it helps reduces pollution on overcrowded city streets. However, since compressed gas cylinders can have an explosive effect during traffic collisions, they have to conform to the highest standards of safety. ANCC provides a wide range of CNG cylinders that are designed and manufactured to comply with the highest national and international standards. We have high-quality seamless steel CNG cylinders for almost all kinds of vehicles, like three-wheelers, cars, buses and delivery vehicles. GET EXTRA LIFE FROM YOUR HIGH PRESSURE GAS CYLINDERS High Pressure Gas Cylinders whether obtained indigenously or imported are manufactured to high standards of quantity conforming to specifications accepted by the statutory authority, tested and certified by an independent inspecting agency. No manufacturer can take any responsibility for the subsequent life of the cylinder during course of its filling, handling, transport, use etc. Hence it is evident that the life of the cylinder is entirely in the hands of the Filler & User alike. If properly taken care of, a cylinder can give any length of service and thus result in greater profits.


Asia Nama CNG Cylinder (ANCC) is largest producer and  industry leader of CNG  cylinders  in  middle east. Our company have  high-quality  seamless  steel  CNG  cylinders  that are used in various application fields such as three-wheelers,  cars,  buses  and delivery vehicles.
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CNG Cylinder
CNG Cylinder from Asia Nama CNG Cylinder (ANCC) | Model: CC-700563925 | Price: $Negotiable Per -- | Minimum Order Quantity: -- -- | Delivery Time: 5-6 Business Days | Shipping Port: Tehran | Packaging: Standard | Capacity: huge | Certification: sa8000 | Rating: 2.1 (8 reviews).
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