Groupsale LLC

Groupsale LLC

United States Member Since: 07 Feb, 2018
3340 Peachtree Rd 1800 Hebei, Shijiazhuang, United States
Mr. Harris Taylor

Nature of Business


Legal Status of Firm

Private Limited

Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

Approx 2 Million US Dollar

About Groupsale LLC

Groupsale LLC, is a verified Manufacturer and Buying HouseManufacturer located in 3340 Peachtree Rd 1800,, Shijiazhuang,, Hebei, United States. Established in 2017, Groupsale LLC, deals in sunflower oil, soybean oil, donkey hides, chicken feet, Pistachio Nuts and Dry Fruits & Nuts products. The company is Private Limited firm having annual turnover of Approx 2 Million US Dollar. Groupsale LLC has Company Owned License and boast initial business capital worth US$5 Million.

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