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China 1st Year
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China Jiangsu, Xuzhou, China
China Purun Steel Structure Import and Export Corporation

Business Nature


Legal Status


Year Established


Annual Turnover

650000 dollars


Xuzhou, China

Main Products

cost reduction, span space, Purun has always been adhering to the research and development of steel structure grid framework, quality

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I am looking for what you and I need, steel grid frame Dear friends, see the steel case engineering case and steel grid roof structure on your company website. Purun has always been adhering to the research and development of steel structure grid framework, quality, span space, cost reduction, and profit maximization. We can provide your company with engineering quotation, drawing design, product processing, engineering installation and maintenance. Suitable for school roof frame, coal bunker frame, chemical plant frame, various commercial and industrial roof frame structures. Purun Company Engineering Case: Pakistan Heverly Steel Grid Frame Engineering; Abu Dhabi National Theme Park Steel Grid Frame Structure Engineering; The main venue of the World Cup in South Africa - the Greenpoint Stadium steel grid frame project in Cape Town, etc. Prune is a gold medal company recommended by Google customers in 2018. It has an in-depth introduction on the company's website. Friendly price, high quality, looking forward to letter consultation, Chengzhao alliance agent. Google Enterprise Website has an in-depth introduction: Contact person:Shangruida manager Phone:+86-17626466881 Wechat:a372609630


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