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Source From Global Ingots Manufacturers and Suppliers

Price: USD Negotiable /Metric Tonne
Min. Order: 500

High quality A7 primary Aluminum ingot Al 99.70% www.bluemintmetal.com Please visit website (bluemintmetal) for A7 primary aluminum ingot ( aluminum ingot) Al 99.70%    We supply premium high quality aluminum ingot

  • Response Rate: 70%
  • Currency: USD
  • Language: English, Turkish
  • Contact Person: Rosdom Sladze
  • Payment Modes: Bank wire (T/T),Doc Against Payment (D/P)
  • Product: Aluminum Ingots
Bluemint Metal Www.bluemintmetal.com
TR 1 Year
Address: Eskisehir yolu road, Level 3 No: 2435 Next Levek Residence 06520 Ankara, Turkey Ankara Ankara Turkey
Price: USD 73000 /Kilogram
Min. Order: 200

Gold ingot bars (23 carat) from Ramavo E & M Services Limited | Model: GIBC-***324 | Price: $73000 Per Kilogram | Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Kilogram | Delivery Time: 13-14 Business Days | Shipping Port: Lagos |

  • Response Rate: 100%
  • Currency: NGN,USD
  • Language: English
  • Contact Person: Udochukwu Joseph Oti
  • Payment Modes: Bank wire (T/T)
  • Product: Gold Ingots
Ramavo E & M Services Limited
NG 1 Year
Address: Richmond Gate Estate, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria Lagos Lagos Nigeria

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