NPI, LLC Alaska

NPI, LLC Alaska

United States Member Since: 19 Apr, 2019
490 N Main #136 Alaska, Wasilla, United States

Nature of Business


Legal Status of Firm

Private Limited

Year of Establishment


Annual Turnover

Approx 2 Million US Dollar

About NPI, LLC Alaska

Making a big name in the United States Industrial market, NPI, LLC Alaska is an established Manufacturer and RetailerManufacturer firm with a solid rapport with different importers and suppliers all over the world. Having a capital of almost US$5 Million in the reserves, the company has done a significant amount of progress ever since its inception in 2000. Manufacturing and supplying Chips products to the suppliers, NPI, LLC Alaska specializes in products like woodchip, round logs and other Snacks and Nimco Products. The company is Private Limited and generates Approx 2 Million US Dollar in the United States. For anyone planning to contact directly, the address is the 490 N Main #136, of Wasilla,, Alaska, United States and contact person Ron.

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