Tradom Global Consulting Limited

Tradom Global Consulting Limited

United Kingdom Member Since: 26 Dec, 2018
20-22, Wenlock Road England, London, United Kingdom
Ash Domah

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London, United Kingdom

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Corn, Alfalfa, Forage, Soybeans

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About Tradom Global Consulting Limited

Tradom Global Consulting Limited also known as The SDGs Company, is a start-up company inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals. Tradom The SDGs Company specialises in providing Desert Greening, Desertification control, Renewable Energy, Mining Restoration, Water & Waste Water Management, Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory services, Management Consultancy, Strategy Formulation and Global Expansion services to (i) European businesses (ii) International business community (iii) Governmental agencies (iv) Non-Governmental Organisations (v) Civic Society Organisations, and last but not least (vi) to the Scientific community. As a start-up, we have made tremendous progress in consolidating our leadership position in Ecological, Reforestation, Environmental, Renewable, Desertification Control, Water & Waste Water Treatment Management, by establishing a strategic partnership with the World�s largest Ecological & Environmental company, also regarded as one of China�s top 100 private company.�s unique combination of professionals, skill sets and service offerings not only allow our private, public, NGO, CSO clients and scientific partners to leverage a global network of expertise and capacity building, but also to consolidate and achieve strategic positioning, efficiencies and more cohesive support for their international purposeful operations, through our network of partners to develop sustainable solutions in the land-water-food-energy-ecosystem nexus.�s mission is to be the leading force in spurring the next Green Revolution 5.0 whilst achieving the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals SDGs ,as set by the United Nations (UN). Our goal is to partner with the worldwide international community across all five continents in achieving the GlobalGoals and Save the Planet.�s vision is to help procreate a better, greener and safer Planet for all of us.

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